Friday, June 20, 2008


Its been along time since my last post. many events occured and alot of things have been changed during this period. i intended to go back to baghdad to complete the years of residency,but my request was refused by the ministry of heallth and a new procedure is followed now. all my friends and colleagues went back to their governorates except me. now the new rotators call me the chronic and themselves as the acutes. in the last two months i went in a picnic with my colleagues in the dental centre to the tourists village at that day i met sunshine whom i began to forget her face then i went baghdad for three days only, three days after we went to the north of iraq in a picnic with the gorgeous friends. it was one of my best journeys. aweek later i lived alone since my brother went to baghdad with his family for about a week then the military operation of um-alrabeaen began, iwas stacked at home for three days, no one could get out of his outdoor, at the night before the curfew declared i bought food,vegetables and mobile credit, thanks god.i began to cook food, hamburger,finger chips,fish,rice and sauce. i learned that from my mother, she was kidding with me saying "if it happen and your wife left you alone at home "if you will marry" you will have the ability to cook and be self dependent" and i was laughing.
the operation as i hope will face success because it was sudden with a huge number of forces prepaired targetting specific people inspite of the random arrestments occured at the first weeks. what annoyed me was the curfew that took many days and people began to starve,many residents are working for their living day.even me , i lived alone with a plenty of food but at the last day the refrigerator was empty,the gas was over and and and .... , idont know how the families lived that days!!!!!.
now mosul is much more better than before, im happy to see this and moreover the iraqi forces are taking control over the city.on the other side many roads are closed by concrete barriers and some by trash!!!.i used to hire a taxi , walk for about 100m to hire another one to go to work or back home,all this because of a military base constructed in a vital destrict and closed the main street preventing even the civilians from walking down that road. to overcome all these obstacles i decided and as my friends adviced me to live at the hospital residency. frankly speaking i do like to keep with my friends but the hygiene at that same hospital is bad.they are trying to reconstruct it but its toooo old,it has to be rebuild allover again.after the curfew was over and the checkpoints were opened again, my new friends" the cute acutes" went to their homes, everyone to his own governorate and again except me.i kept alone but there was my dearest friends mama,sunshine,dr s,dr m &h and dr a who kept asking about me, phoned me and sending sms.i felt the family surronding me,im very thankfull especially to mama and her nice family.
after that i went to baghdad for 11 days. the situation there is getting better to the best considering the same days last year.and i hope to see baghdad and iraq the perfect not without electicity im wondeing how the students are studying and examining in the hot wheather without electicity!!!! may god help them,but i believe they will challenge that and succeed,those are the iraqis.our house was searched several times for weapons after launching two rockets and attacking a checkpoint by militias.the national guards and police consructed a military base and a police station in our quarter and concrete barriers of 4 metres height is about to seperate the destrict and isolate it.its not the new democracy nooooo, they are just trying to prevent the dusty winds and help people!!!!!!!!!
my vacation was over and now im in mosul, i missed my friends and my friends who was in baghdad. in my way back there was a problem with the electricity of the car and we stopped in a checkpoint in mosul outside the city centre as the men with me were officers in the army and one of them was a big head in alaqrab combat team, i didnt know that and they didnt declared it only before the officer in charge of the checkpoint. we kept there for two hours waiting for the other car to come because american vhicles closed te road without a reason and many cars were waiting under the hot sun. i know i wrote toooo much but that was a brief of the past posts i will publish some of the photos of the picnics. some of my own with miscellaneous ones.