Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Crime in Abu Ghraib

Its the 4th week after the last post. I just cant concentrate to write down one. Im complaining of severe killing headaches,vertigo and insomnia, im sleeping 3hours in a day totally whether at noon or at night. I made several medical investigations as i mentioned before but all were normal.im taking capsules to avoid vertigo but i was about to collapse three times in the past week,the last one was few minutes ago .anyhow im trying to overcome this.
Last weekend all my family gathered in our house including all my sisters and brothers. We had lunch and went to karrada, i really enjoyed the time especially the ice cream of AL-Fuqma.
Today as i was in the medical centre i went to the outside door to phone since the network coverage there was better. suddenly i heard an explosion followed by heavy shootings that didn’t stop and became heavier.i went inside to avoid the blind shoots.police and Iraqi soldiers’ hamvies were also shootings on their way.it occurred at the market of abu ghraib where many civilians gathered there.IT WAS CRIME.many civilians were the victims of terrorism.
The boss told us to go back home,the situation was abnormal and we were afraid of random detainings.all the staff who were living in the centre of Baghdad were crowded in cars and went back home. As i reached home a student told me about the protests of al-mustansiryah university students after detaining some of their colleagues last night in the campus in al waziryah.
Im just frustrated of this bad situation.when will we witness peace? I was born in the middle of a war to find my self in another war in primary school followed by blockade and poverty waiting another war and devastation,innocents killed everyday.for gods.is it so hard to live with our relatives and friends without thinking of killings and those painful pictures
Ive just heard that my neighbours relatives were killed in today’s crime.i cant hold it and livethis situation everday.i came from mosul with memories filled of people were assassinated and dead bodies in a hope to live peacefully with my family in Baghdad but faced Baghdad on the modern way!