Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Start

I was sitting near the river in one of the biggest hositals in was a sunny day with awesome fresh air.exhaling the old to be replaced by new. I went to the hospital to see one of my friends he is a doctor. I saw the cool place and sat there for minutes.i was thinking of all the events in my life and what i’ve done and yet trying to achieve in future.
At that day i went to the ministry of health after a phone call telling me that there iss a decision that considers me a rotator dentist and i have to go back to serve at one of the specialized dental centres in baghdad rather than in a country side health centre,which means i had lost months of rotation.i went to the general director he was a very helpful and respectful but he couldnt take an action so i made several clarifications and admitted proofs and still waiting the response.

My previous post was sang by Kanarinka and published on youtube as part one and part two i do appreciate this work.

Last Tuesday abu ghreib’s situation was miserable.the american vhicles were attacked by thermal bombs as i heard and the city was filled by national gurds and american soldiers. The manager told us to go homes before closing the roads and we went in a hurry but we couldnt make it.the road was closed then the driver went to the highway and we found many cars stopped.the road was closed and american vhecles were ther too.they were waiting to debilitate a road side bomb.i saw two of my friends there.we went back to follow the old way to the centre of baghdad.this way passes near baghdad airport and a military base.

the road was closed.the american hamvies were there too but why it was closed,we didnt know.even the iraqi police were not allowed to drive near them.when the police pickup approached the soldier pointed with his finger at the police to stop.after half an hour the hamvies moved in a speed not exceeding 20km/h and about 30 cars following if we were the zaffafa (in iraq the cars that follow the bride’s and groom car called zaffafa).

I bought a private clinic -dental chair and unit,dental x-ray device,amalgamator,instruments...... and still trying to find a good place of clinic.

Two weeks ago my nephew kept in our night hewas crying.he said uncle i want you to take me to the zoo.oh my god! I said its ok i can take you wherever you want but the zoo.... honestly i didnt visit the zoo long time ago because it was ruined and bad people were there.i asked about it but i was told that it is nice now!!next morning i took my nephew but i was hesitated even i dont remember the place well but it is much different now,families and kids came from all over baghdad and its a nice park and zoo.we enjoyed a happy day.the place was taken as a militay base and the american army was there,now sometimes one may see some soldiers walking.

Here are some photos of baghdad

next one-the ways to the green zone- you can see the lights of the it.

A week ago i went to mosul,i was so happy to see my friends but sad to see the affected city.i feel in deep pain to see the people of mosul suffering becaus eof their baad security situation and services.its the worst place considering those matters.while before war until 4yrs ago it was the opposite.trush,garbage,closed roads by hills of dust or concrete barriers,barbwires everywhere.water is not always supplied and the river tigris divides the city!!!!!!!i couldnt go out at night.the shops close at 7:30 couldnt pass or approach the military vhicles.i met many people there,they were very optimistic after declaring the primary results of elections.when someone talks to people of mosul he may judge how peaceful and kind they are.all of them just wanted to live a simple life in peace and i believe they do deserve it.explosions and lack of basic services are tiring them. The road to mosul is better than before.the delay was because of the big number of checkpoints although it was 5 and half hour trip.i went out of mosul at 12:30 heading back to my way there was a big storm of dust that we couldnt see more than 20metres. There were many accidents because the drivers couldnt see the concrete barrier of the checkpoints.
Here is a mobile video of the road (i couldnt take photos or video shots by my camera)

As a suggestion from one of the great bloggers i’ll talk about my childhood and how i started the college.
my parents took care of me and provided me with love morals and education.they supported me raised me in a family environment with mother said i was so primary school every year i was the first in class and i dont remember if i made a fight at school :).my father took us on many picnics. We were going in a picnic every Friday by our car to different places in or outside baghdad and if we didnt go out in a picnic or visit my grandpa’s house he made a barbeque at the back yard. We had a lot of fun.
After scoring high marks in primary school i joined baghdad college secondary school then graduated with high marks. In iraq the graduated student of the secondary schools has to fill a form to choose colleges according to the marks average and desire.the form will be processed by the ministry of education to determine which college he should mine was the college of dentistry.