Monday, October 26, 2009

Who is Responsible????????

Another crime.more myrters,many innocents killed in an the heart of Baghdad,at the daylight,with the presence of many checkpoints,more explosions added to the previous count. The place is at Al-Salhiyah which is the closest neighborhood to the so called green zone. I am wondering how was that auto passed through all the horrible numbers of checkpoints and it was carrying all that cargo of explosives? Or was the source of the explosives from a nearby place? Many get killed and the hospitals cant count the number,they said there were 135 and 600 wounded,for gods sake is it a harvest? Moreover the news are talking now about people are still stucked inside the ruined building and the habitants have heard their voices last night shouting for help and they were going to rescue them but the national guards stopped them of approaching near the explosion site and told the citizens that the area is accused of attacking and if they wont back to their homes they’ll be detained!!!! iraqis dont act like this. they help each other and hurt for hearing those news.moreover many of the survivors talked about the electricity,i.e after the explosion the electric cables were on the ground and many of them got electric shock.
As the elections are approaching more deadly explosions are occurring.who is responsible for all those explosions????? We don’t need more statements and news that “ we chased and catched the terrorists ” but we need to stop those actions before its occurance and that’s the least duty they got to do after all these ruining years.
May god protect all the honest Iraqis.

Miss You

When the days became meaningless,when u go to work just to try to forget,when u oblige urself to work and work and work harder to punish youself till u fell exhausted. When u pretend to laugh and tell jokes to friends and inside of you a depressed feeling and a deep pain striking that make u tell more jokes and giggle.when u try and try but the brick wall is overwhelming. When u want to shout loudly to feel better but that shout deepen the pain and turn it into unresistable warm tears….
Hi friends
It’s the second program am being responsible of.when my boss came to tell me that I was nominated to be in charge of,previously at the same week my phone number and email address was taken to contact me abt the first program”feedback performance” to be in charge of it.and the assistant of the manager of the AIDS (HIV) examination centre. The latter seems wow but its not that big, all we have to do is to check the incoming passengers for HIV or delay them till three months and assign their passports for leaving again,if u r lucky enough u may see my signature on a passport one day 
As adentist,im working harder in the health centre and in my clinic.although sometimes I get bored of teeth and dealing with the oral cavity for abt 10 hours a day.i wake up at 6 a.m to go to work at abt 7:30 rtying to avpoid the traffic and crowded checkpoints nevertheless we cant avoid that.for instance I reached work today at abt 9:25!!!!
The checkpoints have left a line for passing of the army a horrible traffic the soldiers alow the students and doctors to pass but we cant go in that line since the soldier may not accept and he may oblige us to go back from the beginning of the crowds.
Last week I was sick ,couple of days I didn’t run my clinic and even couldn’t loginto the net.the days became worser by two sad news abt my of them was the death of dr “R” in an accident on the highway while she was heading back was an awful accident that left her head apart of her body.she ws one of the greatest physicians. We shared with her very happy moments, I cant look at the folder where her pictures with us in the centre and at the restaurant.may god’s mercy be upon her soul.
The second news was the kidnapping of the daughter of our ex-neighbours.i knew her since I was in primary school then we moved to another house.her husband is one of my best friends whom I have known him since I was 13.i met him few days ago , he didn’t know what to do except holding his little baby.lately the number of the kidnapped people has increased in Baghdad.the other increase in number is the infected swine flu persons.the virus is increasing in a fast way,putting people in a hard situation because the government is not taking a big step to stop spreading this virus.the U.S army asked me about the same problem when they came to the health centre last week . my boss wasn’t present in the centre. Steve who was taking the major part of speaking was trying to ask me in an indirect way to know if we had received any case of H1N1.he asked if we need any help and suggested to bring a medical staff for help but I said no we don’t need any help because we have a very efficient and smart physicians that are more than able to handle any case.the U.S army is now responsible for the security in abu ghreib city as I heard that by the habitants and noticed that the army has increased and made a shortcut connecting the city with Baghdad airport.the security situation is unstable in abu ghreib, many attacks occurred,a physician was killed in his own clinic inspite of the presence of checkpoints and many national guards.

Friday, August 14, 2009

a new post

Long time no post :).lack of enthusiasm.sometimes cant find the time to write or collect my thoughts and in others I don’t hav the tme to play sports.i wake up at about 5a.m,go to work at 8:00 an back home at 3:00pm to have lunch,shower,change clothes and go to my clinic at about 4:30p.m usually I go back at 8,earlier or later depending on patients number.the insomnia is less compared to the previous period.i go to bed at abut 1:00a.m,well not every night,in nights I sleep at 2 a.m.!!!
After the partial withdrawal of the U.S forces especially the first few days, I haven’t seen the everyday scene of the American vhecles and soldiers but lately I see them everday.on my way to work I see American hamvies in al jamiaa street, for abu ghreib no one day pass without their visit.the situation there can be described as lack of secure and one may see its miserable.two Iraqi soldiers were assassined two weels ago,no one declared that.many times the road to the health centre where I work was closed.last week the army vehicles were under attack by bombs,the result no one killed or wounded,the target was mistaken.the shops were ordered to close 10 days after that attack. The shop owners are poor people who work and sell to get their living everyday. I don’t think ithat whom ordere them thought about their families or the habitants who buy from those shops. Ima gine a city with closed road and shops,how would the citizens live???? We stuck there and coul hardly back home.few days later as I was treating patients with my colleagues we heard that the national guards entered the health centre and arrested 2 armed men.i didn’t know why they were armed nor if the soldiers were chasing them.
Last few days the degree of violence has arised again.beginning with the new moern style of robbering banks,the first was one by the guards of the vice president adel abdul mahdi as was broadcasted by media,the second one was a trial but failed yesterday.baghdad haven’t seen such robberers and murderers in past history.the explosion which happened in many destricts in Baghdad an mosul were targeting the innocents only.
What about mosul…. That’s a totally a different subject,a small city cant be kept calm??? For god’s sake.its people are not that kind of violent.the habitants are innocents and just want to live in a safe area just like the rest of Iraqis.who was responsible for the deadly crime of al-ghazna explosion?? a small poor village 20km away from the centre of mosul. The same picture of al-zanjili explosion was repeated.
All the situation that we pass through is because of the political conflicts in and around Iraq,Iraqis are the victims.
*I’ like to read new posts from “emotions”, I do like your blog so keep it on.your readers are have brilliant posts and thoughts and need to be published.
*an I’d like to welcome “bookish”,wb man.come on write us many posts.


Thursday, June 11, 2009


hot weather began in baghdad.the sun is it will be this july?
its already hot from many sides,weather,events,arguements in parliament,some scandals of torturing prisoners.

i went to baghdad prison(formerly known as abu ghreib prison) three times this week.
the hospiatal was renewed after reopening the prison.the medical staff are doing their best but they lack many necessary medications and materials. they dont have an ambulance too!!! the number of patients(prisoners) visiting the physician is abt 100 daily. there was a meeting with the manager of the prison he is new to this job but he is so cooperative and giving his all efforts.the problem was caused by the lack of medical supplies.
im feeling so happy to start receiving patients in my private clinic. it was a hard time in preparing for it. i used to go back from work at about 3p.m,having lunch and some rest then go out at 5p.m to the clinic to arrange and buy dental material.
thanks god.

last week i received an email with this photo of an iraqi newspaper called al-iraq attached.

the photo in the first page is confusing.shows saddam hussein with ezzat aldoori and masoud albarzani,the latter was "thanking the president to respond to his request to free erbil of talbani and his gang"as the newspaper said!!!!
im trying not to talk about politics but the headlines pushed me to publish the attachment.i know its an old issue and was in 1996 when i was in secondary school spending all my time on i'll keep it under NO COMMENT.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

no ideas

I dont have ideas to write new posts.the same daily life.nearly nothing new. i will open my private clinic after finishing the installation of the dental chair and the a.c,all the delay was becuase i was looking for the proper place for the clinic. finally i found the right place in our neighborhood. i can walk from my house to it.

this morning i was in baghdad prison(formerly known as abu ghreib prison). i went to the hospital at the prison and i'll have frequent visits in the future.
i didnt like the place.i know its a prison but i didnt like situation there. closed and narrow.i did my best to breath some fresh air and keep my self near the windows.its a horrible place. there were many prisoners who were detained by the US forces including doctors and some medical stuff at the same time they work at the hospital.
the medical centre in the city of abu ghreib is now offering good dental services. the number of treated patients is increasing day after day.
last week one of my friends from mosul came to baghdad.i took him to many places and we enjoyed our time.

have u seen the new hamvie? hehehe

Friday, April 10, 2009


I know,im sorry :D.i made all my posts as draft and the blog kept without any notice.for a reson or two i made that.thanks for everyone who asked about me.i thought whatever the reason that obliged me to do so i wouldnt let down the people who supported and still supporting me my best friends.

some people may wonder what is the situatin in baghdad after six years of war from an iraqi view

*the security situation:
it is flactating from "semi-normal" to the worst on earth.what happened in the past few days showed that one day 6 bombed cars exploded in different districts in baghdad,what about the "cyber dogs" that detects weapons???!!! and the checkpoints that are making all the traffic jams everywhere??
whether the cars fom other districts and entered or from the same neighbourhood they did their intention by killing innocents and all the concrete barriers that is dividing baghdad didnt take the desired effect to prevent terrorists,they just ruined the city.

the same endless problem,power on and power off.during the current days it is better than in winter, we have electricity 8-10 hours a day mainly after midnight.the wheather is cool.who knows what will happen to electricity this summer!!! in baghdad at summer the temperatures exceeds 49c.

the prices in baghdad are abnormal.estates are very expensive even if it is compared to the neighboring countries.the cars too. the world is complaining of an economic crisis and the prices here are jumping up everyday.

*US army
like the owner of the house.he may ruin it upside down,throw his valuables out of the window,break the doors and the person who rent it(you know our government) is not able to talk or he may kick him the best action is to laugh.

better to be called deterioration!

*health care
no hygiene in hospitals.we dont have dental needles in the medical centre where i work.we dismissed many for me i tried to avoid this situattion and asked my friends to dismiss them.if we have needles it means either bought by us or by a patient.
measles infection is back again especially last month.
polio vaccination was failed in many places in abu ghreib because the national guards didnt allow to enter those places,the staff was told that they would be detained in doing so.
the good news: the generator was fixed, wemay sterilize instruments and my boss asked me to connect the pc to the net.i have to buy the antenna,access point..etc and install it.
the net will be connected to the finger print device which will be used instead of the signatures of the employees during in and out.

its is cheaper than in other places but still imported!!!why? the quality of it is not is obvious in cars,many sounds heard out of their engines.

people are more stressed and trying to keep as me but more optimistic,i may say i have friends who are making my life great and i wuld sacrifice anything to do the same for them.
i've noticed the increase of divorcing couples.
i was about to forget congratulating the two great couples for their engagement Najma and Bookish.wish you the happy life forever.
at the medical centre my friends are increasing.after my trip we(all the medical staff) went ot the restuarant on friday and had lunch there.i met the families of the doctors.we talked alot,joked all the time.then with my friend A we went to the shops in Almansour and i met my old friends who were in mosul,they knew A.i was so happy at that day.

the roads are not clean,filled with the barriers.the manuciplaty bought artificial palm trees.for god's sake,we have enough palm trees to fill baghdad.they not as nice as the natural ones.yellow made of plastic wit lights during night(if the power is on)!!!
moreover,the occupation military vhecles step over the pavements and plants.

people are trying to have fun with the possibilities available.visit each other,making the shopping a big fun.going to restuarants.helding private parties at homes with friends(the loud music solely is a fun :D)last night i conneted the sound exit of the laptop to the amplifying plug of the radio and heard loud songs,like the DJ :D.
once i was in the middle of a horrible traffic,i turned off the car engine.there was a car on the other side filled with guys singing loudly and suddenly on of them step out of the car and began to dance in the middle of the street.he changed the horrible into fun and made the people laugh,some danced in their cars, i like this spirit.

may april showers wash all the past pains.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Crime in Abu Ghraib

Its the 4th week after the last post. I just cant concentrate to write down one. Im complaining of severe killing headaches,vertigo and insomnia, im sleeping 3hours in a day totally whether at noon or at night. I made several medical investigations as i mentioned before but all were taking capsules to avoid vertigo but i was about to collapse three times in the past week,the last one was few minutes ago .anyhow im trying to overcome this.
Last weekend all my family gathered in our house including all my sisters and brothers. We had lunch and went to karrada, i really enjoyed the time especially the ice cream of AL-Fuqma.
Today as i was in the medical centre i went to the outside door to phone since the network coverage there was better. suddenly i heard an explosion followed by heavy shootings that didn’t stop and became heavier.i went inside to avoid the blind shoots.police and Iraqi soldiers’ hamvies were also shootings on their occurred at the market of abu ghraib where many civilians gathered there.IT WAS CRIME.many civilians were the victims of terrorism.
The boss told us to go back home,the situation was abnormal and we were afraid of random detainings.all the staff who were living in the centre of Baghdad were crowded in cars and went back home. As i reached home a student told me about the protests of al-mustansiryah university students after detaining some of their colleagues last night in the campus in al waziryah.
Im just frustrated of this bad situation.when will we witness peace? I was born in the middle of a war to find my self in another war in primary school followed by blockade and poverty waiting another war and devastation,innocents killed everyday.for it so hard to live with our relatives and friends without thinking of killings and those painful pictures
Ive just heard that my neighbours relatives were killed in today’s crime.i cant hold it and livethis situation everday.i came from mosul with memories filled of people were assassinated and dead bodies in a hope to live peacefully with my family in Baghdad but faced Baghdad on the modern way!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Start

I was sitting near the river in one of the biggest hositals in was a sunny day with awesome fresh air.exhaling the old to be replaced by new. I went to the hospital to see one of my friends he is a doctor. I saw the cool place and sat there for minutes.i was thinking of all the events in my life and what i’ve done and yet trying to achieve in future.
At that day i went to the ministry of health after a phone call telling me that there iss a decision that considers me a rotator dentist and i have to go back to serve at one of the specialized dental centres in baghdad rather than in a country side health centre,which means i had lost months of rotation.i went to the general director he was a very helpful and respectful but he couldnt take an action so i made several clarifications and admitted proofs and still waiting the response.

My previous post was sang by Kanarinka and published on youtube as part one and part two i do appreciate this work.

Last Tuesday abu ghreib’s situation was miserable.the american vhicles were attacked by thermal bombs as i heard and the city was filled by national gurds and american soldiers. The manager told us to go homes before closing the roads and we went in a hurry but we couldnt make it.the road was closed then the driver went to the highway and we found many cars stopped.the road was closed and american vhecles were ther too.they were waiting to debilitate a road side bomb.i saw two of my friends there.we went back to follow the old way to the centre of baghdad.this way passes near baghdad airport and a military base.

the road was closed.the american hamvies were there too but why it was closed,we didnt know.even the iraqi police were not allowed to drive near them.when the police pickup approached the soldier pointed with his finger at the police to stop.after half an hour the hamvies moved in a speed not exceeding 20km/h and about 30 cars following if we were the zaffafa (in iraq the cars that follow the bride’s and groom car called zaffafa).

I bought a private clinic -dental chair and unit,dental x-ray device,amalgamator,instruments...... and still trying to find a good place of clinic.

Two weeks ago my nephew kept in our night hewas crying.he said uncle i want you to take me to the zoo.oh my god! I said its ok i can take you wherever you want but the zoo.... honestly i didnt visit the zoo long time ago because it was ruined and bad people were there.i asked about it but i was told that it is nice now!!next morning i took my nephew but i was hesitated even i dont remember the place well but it is much different now,families and kids came from all over baghdad and its a nice park and zoo.we enjoyed a happy day.the place was taken as a militay base and the american army was there,now sometimes one may see some soldiers walking.

Here are some photos of baghdad

next one-the ways to the green zone- you can see the lights of the it.

A week ago i went to mosul,i was so happy to see my friends but sad to see the affected city.i feel in deep pain to see the people of mosul suffering becaus eof their baad security situation and services.its the worst place considering those matters.while before war until 4yrs ago it was the opposite.trush,garbage,closed roads by hills of dust or concrete barriers,barbwires everywhere.water is not always supplied and the river tigris divides the city!!!!!!!i couldnt go out at night.the shops close at 7:30 couldnt pass or approach the military vhicles.i met many people there,they were very optimistic after declaring the primary results of elections.when someone talks to people of mosul he may judge how peaceful and kind they are.all of them just wanted to live a simple life in peace and i believe they do deserve it.explosions and lack of basic services are tiring them. The road to mosul is better than before.the delay was because of the big number of checkpoints although it was 5 and half hour trip.i went out of mosul at 12:30 heading back to my way there was a big storm of dust that we couldnt see more than 20metres. There were many accidents because the drivers couldnt see the concrete barrier of the checkpoints.
Here is a mobile video of the road (i couldnt take photos or video shots by my camera)

As a suggestion from one of the great bloggers i’ll talk about my childhood and how i started the college.
my parents took care of me and provided me with love morals and education.they supported me raised me in a family environment with mother said i was so primary school every year i was the first in class and i dont remember if i made a fight at school :).my father took us on many picnics. We were going in a picnic every Friday by our car to different places in or outside baghdad and if we didnt go out in a picnic or visit my grandpa’s house he made a barbeque at the back yard. We had a lot of fun.
After scoring high marks in primary school i joined baghdad college secondary school then graduated with high marks. In iraq the graduated student of the secondary schools has to fill a form to choose colleges according to the marks average and desire.the form will be processed by the ministry of education to determine which college he should mine was the college of dentistry.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Last wednesday was my birthday. I was sooo happpy on the previous days.on that day i went to work fulled of enthusiasm and happiness until i went back home and i faced my father and said b.d hurry up i just came and found your mom lied on the floor. i ran to her room and found her laid down on the floor without any movement. i was shocked and didnt know if she went unconscious or......
i checked her pulse and was week,after a while she talked to me crying. i've tried to find the cause but didnt sign of hypoglycemia, her blood pressure and temperature were normal and didnt feel nauseated just suddenly felt down unconscious and there was no one beside her at that moment.
the cake was my sister's job and my father brought desert and at night all were celebrating including my mom but i kept sad and a faked smile on my face. i didnt like to show my sadness to her and tried to make her happy.
next day i was supposed to finish many staffs but i didnt and kept at home worried she might collapse.
she is fine now but im worry about her.
yesterday i went to Aljamiaa street and to Almansour then to Adamiyah,baghdad is great at night except for the lack of electricty that causes dark places and the presence of the concrete barriers around some destricts and at the checkpoints.last week many exlosions occurred.the photos of the candidates are spreading all over baghdad especially on walls of the high concrete barriers.
As for abu ghreib ,nthing changed the same unbelievable traffic jam on the entrance. by the way a driver showed me a way to enter Abu Ghreib without being searched!!!!!! its just about 2 kilometres away to enter through a village called "al thahab al abyath" where there is a checkpoint that allow the cars to enter and go ahead.
Today I was so angry at work,we still donthave electricity,half the instruments were not sterilized. a patient came asking for treatment.his tooth was indicated for extraction.of course without light and the dental chair position cant be changed.i was in need of the chair turbine to dissect the tooth but there wasnt neither the electricity nor the working dental chair.
One of the dentists began to blame me about receiving such case for treatment since we dont have facilities.we faced difficulties but it was extracted. he was right but i became so angry and told him that instead of blaming me ha had to blame the person(s) who was(were) responsible for this miserable situation.and I told the others that I'm ready to do anything just to supply this health institute with electricity and other necessary materials.imagine that the electrical connections are so bad that once they were about to fire.
i'm feeling guilty toward the poor patients.
this night i'm upset and dont like to talk about it. I need a break for a while and i have to do some revisions and decisions.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Have a Dream

I'm listening to a song by westlife called "i have a dream",which is originally by Abba.anyhow,i kept repeating this song over and over thinking about the situation and the country i'm living in. i edited the song into:
"i have a dreeeeeam a worthy life to live innnnnn, i believe in miracles something good i hope to seeee " :)
my current status is:
i didnt go out of the house for the past two days except to the generator owner to see why the power was off and told me "im sorry we are repairing the generator". what a luck!.and went to buy credit to my mobile.
i didnt have have shower today,no electricity,cold weather. sometimes i say "thanks god, we've got water :)".i woke up on the sounds of weeping,i didnt know where it came from,may be from the people that passed along the street which is 100 metre away. they used to put loudspeakers in pick ups with the sounds of weepings "latmia".
an explosion occured in al-kathumyah by a suicidal woman on sunday. as i heard she was putting on her explosions and went to the crowdings who were entering the shrime of al-kathum.from that time the checkpoints were crowded and everywhere. women were not allowed to enter Al-Kathumyah.
On monday i went to work and the entrance to abu ghreib was filled with cars waiting to be searched including personal one.
we had to stop a side and step out of the car to be searched by the national was so accurate that many people left buses and walked behind the checkpoint! if anyone of those was carrying a weapon or explosives,he would be easily enter the city.
our destrict was closed on tuesday and didnt know why!!!!
again i'm thinking that i'm wasting my time. i kept surfing on the net and applied to a postgraduate course.
tomorrow i'll finish the medical examinations.
Could anyone tell me what is happening in Gaza? why is all this bombardment? on tv i just see and hear innocents have been killed.
may god protect innocents and may peace be the world's priority.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

Happy new year.
last week i didnt go neither to mosul nor to any place outside baghdad. first of all my dad refused the idea then i had to do some medical investigations,i took many days off, i'll talk about that in another post.
this year i didnt go out and celebrate as the last one.
today is the first day of 2009 but the celebrations was over as i went to almansour few hours ago. i remembered last year it continued.may be because its tooooooo cold :).
the biggest step in 2008 was the blog, i created it in september 2007 but started my first post on jan 2008 after the encouragement of mama and her daughter sunshine.i had many goals that i couldnt achieve last year that im hoping to accomplish this year.
Btw, you remember dr"O", i talked about him in a previous post. he is in new zealand now.
i hope peace will shake the iraqis' hands and step into the houses.