Friday, April 10, 2009


I know,im sorry :D.i made all my posts as draft and the blog kept without any notice.for a reson or two i made that.thanks for everyone who asked about me.i thought whatever the reason that obliged me to do so i wouldnt let down the people who supported and still supporting me my best friends.

some people may wonder what is the situatin in baghdad after six years of war from an iraqi view

*the security situation:
it is flactating from "semi-normal" to the worst on earth.what happened in the past few days showed that one day 6 bombed cars exploded in different districts in baghdad,what about the "cyber dogs" that detects weapons???!!! and the checkpoints that are making all the traffic jams everywhere??
whether the cars fom other districts and entered or from the same neighbourhood they did their intention by killing innocents and all the concrete barriers that is dividing baghdad didnt take the desired effect to prevent terrorists,they just ruined the city.

the same endless problem,power on and power off.during the current days it is better than in winter, we have electricity 8-10 hours a day mainly after midnight.the wheather is cool.who knows what will happen to electricity this summer!!! in baghdad at summer the temperatures exceeds 49c.

the prices in baghdad are abnormal.estates are very expensive even if it is compared to the neighboring countries.the cars too. the world is complaining of an economic crisis and the prices here are jumping up everyday.

*US army
like the owner of the house.he may ruin it upside down,throw his valuables out of the window,break the doors and the person who rent it(you know our government) is not able to talk or he may kick him the best action is to laugh.

better to be called deterioration!

*health care
no hygiene in hospitals.we dont have dental needles in the medical centre where i work.we dismissed many for me i tried to avoid this situattion and asked my friends to dismiss them.if we have needles it means either bought by us or by a patient.
measles infection is back again especially last month.
polio vaccination was failed in many places in abu ghreib because the national guards didnt allow to enter those places,the staff was told that they would be detained in doing so.
the good news: the generator was fixed, wemay sterilize instruments and my boss asked me to connect the pc to the net.i have to buy the antenna,access point..etc and install it.
the net will be connected to the finger print device which will be used instead of the signatures of the employees during in and out.

its is cheaper than in other places but still imported!!!why? the quality of it is not is obvious in cars,many sounds heard out of their engines.

people are more stressed and trying to keep as me but more optimistic,i may say i have friends who are making my life great and i wuld sacrifice anything to do the same for them.
i've noticed the increase of divorcing couples.
i was about to forget congratulating the two great couples for their engagement Najma and Bookish.wish you the happy life forever.
at the medical centre my friends are increasing.after my trip we(all the medical staff) went ot the restuarant on friday and had lunch there.i met the families of the doctors.we talked alot,joked all the time.then with my friend A we went to the shops in Almansour and i met my old friends who were in mosul,they knew A.i was so happy at that day.

the roads are not clean,filled with the barriers.the manuciplaty bought artificial palm trees.for god's sake,we have enough palm trees to fill baghdad.they not as nice as the natural ones.yellow made of plastic wit lights during night(if the power is on)!!!
moreover,the occupation military vhecles step over the pavements and plants.

people are trying to have fun with the possibilities available.visit each other,making the shopping a big fun.going to restuarants.helding private parties at homes with friends(the loud music solely is a fun :D)last night i conneted the sound exit of the laptop to the amplifying plug of the radio and heard loud songs,like the DJ :D.
once i was in the middle of a horrible traffic,i turned off the car engine.there was a car on the other side filled with guys singing loudly and suddenly on of them step out of the car and began to dance in the middle of the street.he changed the horrible into fun and made the people laugh,some danced in their cars, i like this spirit.

may april showers wash all the past pains.