Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mosul & Christians

Hiiii,I wrote a post but i dint publish it simply I didn’t have the time.i was so busy during Eid which I spent it in Baghdad with my family and I didn’t like to lose a moment away from them. I have a plenty of time to keep with the laptop in mosul. Anyhow; the seurity situation is much better than before in baghdad. People were happy during eid” at the beginning of October”. Many families went out to visit their relatives or to celebrate, went to restaurants and playgrounds,BUT I didn’t feel the same baghdad!!!! Its like a military base,follower of iran not the capital of iraq that was called the capital of peace .i havent seen a road without concrete barriers.the people are not the same,my friends are decreasing in number, many government establishments are sectarianisms!!!

Last week the violence approached to involve the Christians in mosul more than any period. Many were killed by terrorists and idiots for just no reason. their baseless stupid actions cannot be vindicated.
My friend dr.O is a Christian. He is a close friend of mine.a very polite,smart,enthusiastic and helpful guy. He went outside the city of mosul in a small village,left his job and his owns to avoid being killed in a time the hospital is in need for every single physician.
I was so depressed when I saw his room.this moment he phoned me and said that two houses belong to Christians were blown up after the owners were threatened and immigrated from their houses. THAT’S NOT FAIR. . I began to phone my friends “the christians whom I don’t like to call them so”, many went outside the city and some of families were divided into parts as dr. N, her bothers outside and the rest of her family still in mosul, what is the fault they committed????!!!! They asked me to take them a 1 month vacation hoping after this period the wise government act or at least hear the voice of the afflicted Mosul.
Today I was about to go to the net cafĂ© to publish the post but a huge explosion occurred. A car bomb exploded in the neighbourhood near the hospital.the ambulances carried many injured and dead people.the scene was tragic.,people crying ,wifes and sons became widows and orphans in a moment because of a criminal. one of the mothers was crying and screaming “oh god I lost Hasson (her son)” and kept crying in front of the door of the morgue for a long time. i couldn’t eat that night next morning I was depressed.
here are some photos ive taken in the hospital while the national guards and police shooting in a crazy way.