Friday, October 1, 2010

A New Place of Work

FIRST week of my work in the new health centre has finished.the number of patients is greater than that of the previous centre but the quality of work there is better. extraction and presecribing medications for the patients is what we offer as a dental treatment. 16 dentists working on 4 chairs. I know some of them dr. M,Dr. N,Dr. Z,some of them are complicated,others insociable.i used to have a “family” relation with my colleagues.
Next week we’ll begin a polio vaccination operation.this time I’ll includes dividing the participant medical staff into groups,each group responsible for vaccinating children in their homes of a specific area and registering them.
My mom had a thyroidectomy operation last week.she complained a lot about her thyroid gland and recurrent episodes of pain. postoperatively she had hypertension problems, severe fever and difficulty in swallowing but she is ok now except for the scary scar on her neck.
The situation of Baghdad is miserable. checkpoints everywhere, concrete barriers and barbed wires along the roads and round the districts leaving one way for entrance and exit resulting in a horrible jam.
Sometimes I go out for work at about 6:45 a.m to reach at 9:30a.m,that’s not fair. last week I had to leave the driver at that checkpoint because they were searching the cars and made delay for no reason, we “I and Z” had to walk across the checkpoint under the hot sun of summer on the dusty road of Abu Ghreib to ride another car going to work, we were very exhausted; moreover we were considered as “delayed” and not allowed to fingerprint!!!!!!

On Friday;I have received an email of an acceptance to study Master of Laser in Dentistry at Aachen University.Module 1 began on Sunday, I didn’t have the time for issuing a visa.