Tuesday, May 26, 2009

no ideas

I dont have ideas to write new posts.the same daily life.nearly nothing new. i will open my private clinic after finishing the installation of the dental chair and the a.c,all the delay was becuase i was looking for the proper place for the clinic. finally i found the right place in our neighborhood. i can walk from my house to it.

this morning i was in baghdad prison(formerly known as abu ghreib prison). i went to the hospital at the prison and i'll have frequent visits in the future.
i didnt like the place.i know its a prison but i didnt like situation there. closed and narrow.i did my best to breath some fresh air and keep my self near the windows.its a horrible place. there were many prisoners who were detained by the US forces including doctors and some medical stuff at the same time they work at the hospital.
the medical centre in the city of abu ghreib is now offering good dental services. the number of treated patients is increasing day after day.
last week one of my friends from mosul came to baghdad.i took him to many places and we enjoyed our time.

have u seen the new hamvie? hehehe