Monday, October 26, 2009

Who is Responsible????????

Another crime.more myrters,many innocents killed in an the heart of Baghdad,at the daylight,with the presence of many checkpoints,more explosions added to the previous count. The place is at Al-Salhiyah which is the closest neighborhood to the so called green zone. I am wondering how was that auto passed through all the horrible numbers of checkpoints and it was carrying all that cargo of explosives? Or was the source of the explosives from a nearby place? Many get killed and the hospitals cant count the number,they said there were 135 and 600 wounded,for gods sake is it a harvest? Moreover the news are talking now about people are still stucked inside the ruined building and the habitants have heard their voices last night shouting for help and they were going to rescue them but the national guards stopped them of approaching near the explosion site and told the citizens that the area is accused of attacking and if they wont back to their homes they’ll be detained!!!! iraqis dont act like this. they help each other and hurt for hearing those news.moreover many of the survivors talked about the electricity,i.e after the explosion the electric cables were on the ground and many of them got electric shock.
As the elections are approaching more deadly explosions are occurring.who is responsible for all those explosions????? We don’t need more statements and news that “ we chased and catched the terrorists ” but we need to stop those actions before its occurance and that’s the least duty they got to do after all these ruining years.
May god protect all the honest Iraqis.

Miss You

When the days became meaningless,when u go to work just to try to forget,when u oblige urself to work and work and work harder to punish youself till u fell exhausted. When u pretend to laugh and tell jokes to friends and inside of you a depressed feeling and a deep pain striking that make u tell more jokes and giggle.when u try and try but the brick wall is overwhelming. When u want to shout loudly to feel better but that shout deepen the pain and turn it into unresistable warm tears….
Hi friends
It’s the second program am being responsible of.when my boss came to tell me that I was nominated to be in charge of,previously at the same week my phone number and email address was taken to contact me abt the first program”feedback performance” to be in charge of it.and the assistant of the manager of the AIDS (HIV) examination centre. The latter seems wow but its not that big, all we have to do is to check the incoming passengers for HIV or delay them till three months and assign their passports for leaving again,if u r lucky enough u may see my signature on a passport one day 
As adentist,im working harder in the health centre and in my clinic.although sometimes I get bored of teeth and dealing with the oral cavity for abt 10 hours a day.i wake up at 6 a.m to go to work at abt 7:30 rtying to avpoid the traffic and crowded checkpoints nevertheless we cant avoid that.for instance I reached work today at abt 9:25!!!!
The checkpoints have left a line for passing of the army a horrible traffic the soldiers alow the students and doctors to pass but we cant go in that line since the soldier may not accept and he may oblige us to go back from the beginning of the crowds.
Last week I was sick ,couple of days I didn’t run my clinic and even couldn’t loginto the net.the days became worser by two sad news abt my of them was the death of dr “R” in an accident on the highway while she was heading back was an awful accident that left her head apart of her body.she ws one of the greatest physicians. We shared with her very happy moments, I cant look at the folder where her pictures with us in the centre and at the restaurant.may god’s mercy be upon her soul.
The second news was the kidnapping of the daughter of our ex-neighbours.i knew her since I was in primary school then we moved to another house.her husband is one of my best friends whom I have known him since I was 13.i met him few days ago , he didn’t know what to do except holding his little baby.lately the number of the kidnapped people has increased in Baghdad.the other increase in number is the infected swine flu persons.the virus is increasing in a fast way,putting people in a hard situation because the government is not taking a big step to stop spreading this virus.the U.S army asked me about the same problem when they came to the health centre last week . my boss wasn’t present in the centre. Steve who was taking the major part of speaking was trying to ask me in an indirect way to know if we had received any case of H1N1.he asked if we need any help and suggested to bring a medical staff for help but I said no we don’t need any help because we have a very efficient and smart physicians that are more than able to handle any case.the U.S army is now responsible for the security in abu ghreib city as I heard that by the habitants and noticed that the army has increased and made a shortcut connecting the city with Baghdad airport.the security situation is unstable in abu ghreib, many attacks occurred,a physician was killed in his own clinic inspite of the presence of checkpoints and many national guards.