Monday, October 26, 2009

Who is Responsible????????

Another crime.more myrters,many innocents killed in an the heart of Baghdad,at the daylight,with the presence of many checkpoints,more explosions added to the previous count. The place is at Al-Salhiyah which is the closest neighborhood to the so called green zone. I am wondering how was that auto passed through all the horrible numbers of checkpoints and it was carrying all that cargo of explosives? Or was the source of the explosives from a nearby place? Many get killed and the hospitals cant count the number,they said there were 135 and 600 wounded,for gods sake is it a harvest? Moreover the news are talking now about people are still stucked inside the ruined building and the habitants have heard their voices last night shouting for help and they were going to rescue them but the national guards stopped them of approaching near the explosion site and told the citizens that the area is accused of attacking and if they wont back to their homes they’ll be detained!!!! iraqis dont act like this. they help each other and hurt for hearing those news.moreover many of the survivors talked about the electricity,i.e after the explosion the electric cables were on the ground and many of them got electric shock.
As the elections are approaching more deadly explosions are occurring.who is responsible for all those explosions????? We don’t need more statements and news that “ we chased and catched the terrorists ” but we need to stop those actions before its occurance and that’s the least duty they got to do after all these ruining years.
May god protect all the honest Iraqis.


Don Cox said...

Well, traditionally big car and truck bombs have been an Al Qaeda speciality. And as Al Qaeda are against elections in principle, they would particularly like to create a situation where the election would be postponed or cancelled.

As for the check points, there could be corruption, but more likely the men operating the check points get bored and careless.

Anyway, it is a horrible business. And the same thing is going on in Pakistan, too.

Take care.

Don Cox said...

Since the previous comment, I found this article, which explains what the trouble is. A mixture of bribery and fraud.

Anonymous said...

may Allah bless iraqis ,we live in hell.

Anonymous said...

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