Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Visit to Sumawah

Hi all
its 20th of novembre, i finally finished the supposed two years of working in rural the same date two years ago i began my work in Abu Ghreib.i'll start working at the centre of the ministry of health next week.
i have learned alot of things during this period regarding dentistry,dealing with different types of people and health administration.
meanwhile i was preparing for postgraduate studies in baghdad university and in germany.
i was accepted in germany before baghdad but there were many obstacles precluded joining german PG studies.
now im studying Masters in college of dentistry/baghdad university.

last week i was in Sumawah in Al-muthanna south of was the first time after 12years!.
there was a big change in the cities that we passed and in the same province.
rarely we could see concrete barriers there unlike baghdad which is prisoned by concrete barriers,barbed wires and many checkpoints.
i passed one checkpoint at the entrance of Sumawah and none inside the city.
the realestate are very expensive,exceeding 1.5million(approximatly 1260$ US)for 1metre!!!
the roads are under reconstruction.
lesser sway of political parties than baghdad,corroborative citizens to the government.
however,i missed baghdad.