Thursday, June 11, 2009


hot weather began in baghdad.the sun is it will be this july?
its already hot from many sides,weather,events,arguements in parliament,some scandals of torturing prisoners.

i went to baghdad prison(formerly known as abu ghreib prison) three times this week.
the hospiatal was renewed after reopening the prison.the medical staff are doing their best but they lack many necessary medications and materials. they dont have an ambulance too!!! the number of patients(prisoners) visiting the physician is abt 100 daily. there was a meeting with the manager of the prison he is new to this job but he is so cooperative and giving his all efforts.the problem was caused by the lack of medical supplies.
im feeling so happy to start receiving patients in my private clinic. it was a hard time in preparing for it. i used to go back from work at about 3p.m,having lunch and some rest then go out at 5p.m to the clinic to arrange and buy dental material.
thanks god.

last week i received an email with this photo of an iraqi newspaper called al-iraq attached.

the photo in the first page is confusing.shows saddam hussein with ezzat aldoori and masoud albarzani,the latter was "thanking the president to respond to his request to free erbil of talbani and his gang"as the newspaper said!!!!
im trying not to talk about politics but the headlines pushed me to publish the attachment.i know its an old issue and was in 1996 when i was in secondary school spending all my time on i'll keep it under NO COMMENT.