Thursday, February 10, 2011

Iraq After Egypt:Planned Revolution

All the people in the globe heard about the revolution in Tunis and succeeded in egypt against the regimen and what is happening till this moment. I'm really admired of the egyptians and their great spirit of expressing their demands.
In Iraq,as many citizens said,there will be a revolution.the first signs of it begin during the current days.

In baghdad, the lawyers council protested early this morning asking the government to rid the body of our home from corruption.

Another one was in A_mutanabi street

In Mosul,Basrah,Hilaa same act happened demanding the parliament and the prime minister to improve the life standards,peace keeping,care more about unemployers and preclude corruptors.
all those demands didnt exceed the simplest human rights to live in dignity and freedom.

*there will be gathering for protestors next friday in Al Furdous Square in Baghdad.