Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Last few days were very tough. i was soooo sad. i missed my old friends. i used to see them everyday and had a big number of great guys everywhere.but now no more.most of them went abroad or to other governorates to avoid the violence.i was one of those when i went to mosul. i went last week to abu ghreib and they told me to come on tuesday "will be tomorrow"to start working at my new place.i met one of my friends of college "O" he is working in another centre in abu ghreib too and i will see another one tomorrow,its been along time since we met.i hope i can make frienships with the new colleagues.
my bother was very sick, after medical investigations ,the SONAR revealed a mild spleenomegally,the physician said its not dangerous and he must be on a special diet and caused his abdominal pain to the doudenum. as for my parents im trying to make them happier.
last week as I was talkng to Sunshine on the net about the blog,suddenly she stopped writing, i thought the net was interrupted or off but later she wrote, "a huge explosion occured,i couldnt answer and Mimi is injured unconscious,bye" i was so worried,"what happened? how is everybody?what happened to my dear Mimi,was it a bombed car as usual?" i thought. The mobile network coverage was so bad not so bad but no service in mosul because on wednesday gunmen attacked the bureau of the mobile company "asiacell" in mosul and the services were limited.
After half an hour she answered "the house has ruined up side down,you cant imagine what happened,Mimi had consciousness but she had few scratches ". the news channels didnt announce that explosion at that day.next evening one channel breiefly mentioned it.
for god's sake a tank "cistern" was exploded and no one knew about it? I kept on turning tv to seek for it but they didnt mention that 'as for my knowledge' what a media we got? Sunshine will publish that asap with more details.
i really like to know why they did that huge explosion???????? the innocents were the victims,even the far houses were terriffied of the sound,think about the childs,old seniors,sick people. and who did it? terrorists? then why we hear every day and declared on whole public that iraq is secured and if they replied except mosul then why they didnt act or delayed till now and do their jobs to save innocents??? I lived in mosul and clearly noticed the ignorance of the superiors.Its not a big city like baghdad to face many difficulties to impose their control in addition the people of mosul like to live in peace. i ve seen most of them didnt like to go out at the best times.they just like to work, back home and go in a small trip at the weekend. the city is called "um alrabe'aen" which means "city of two springs"because of its great wheather and "was" nominated as the first city in cleanliness,now its the dirtiest city in iraq. my father was astonished when he saw the roads last month filled and closed by dust,trush and concrete barriers.
Also in baghdad I heard that many road side bombs exploded in many destricts.
i just like to forget and not hear or read explosions,bombs,terrorists,devastation and live in peace.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Abu Ghreib

At last,after 19 months in mosul,I moved back to baghdad in 30 octobre. i spent 7months over the rotation period because i couldnt get the agreement to move my job and complete my residency in baghdad. i went out of mosul and i was so depressed,the people of mosul are really great,i knew many friends,im so sad to leave them but i got to go back to my family.
i got a decision from the ministry of health to work in Abu Ghreib.From 4/11 till now im trying to proceed my job but the Health Office of Alkarkh delayed the deicision that clearly declaring agreement and imposing the office and signed by the minister's deputy.however.i had to go several times to the office.they considered me absent for 5 days and im not,icame to the personnel and registered the decision in 4/11.now im thinking seriously to quit my job.many times i had to get into many many arguements with the employees,all they had to do is to follow the decision from the ministry,its not an illegal procedure.are all dentists in the world had to suffer like me? i felt of being humiliated.Also there were many physicians waiting,they left the hospitals and patients and came to the office for similar reasons.
two days ago the mobile network was so bad because many americans vhicles were near home,next morning my great friend mohannad phoned me,he is abroad and i missed him i was so happy.
the situation in baghdad these two days is frustrating,the bridge between adamiyah and kadimiyah reopened'thats great' but before that day three explosions occured in adamiyah at the same place respectively,many explosions occured,alot of them were not declared in media.
i'd like to show you a picture,we all know what is it its a gun

but do you believe it is a plastic toy!!! right,its a toy,when i saw it i thought a real gun.the are selling those toys and many similar ones in every shop in iraq!.many kids playing by it the 'police game'.this is one of the war's achievements,violence culture.where is the innocence of kids?you may imagine the consequences on the child's mind.