Friday, August 14, 2009

a new post

Long time no post :).lack of enthusiasm.sometimes cant find the time to write or collect my thoughts and in others I don’t hav the tme to play sports.i wake up at about 5a.m,go to work at 8:00 an back home at 3:00pm to have lunch,shower,change clothes and go to my clinic at about 4:30p.m usually I go back at 8,earlier or later depending on patients number.the insomnia is less compared to the previous period.i go to bed at abut 1:00a.m,well not every night,in nights I sleep at 2 a.m.!!!
After the partial withdrawal of the U.S forces especially the first few days, I haven’t seen the everyday scene of the American vhecles and soldiers but lately I see them everday.on my way to work I see American hamvies in al jamiaa street, for abu ghreib no one day pass without their visit.the situation there can be described as lack of secure and one may see its miserable.two Iraqi soldiers were assassined two weels ago,no one declared that.many times the road to the health centre where I work was closed.last week the army vehicles were under attack by bombs,the result no one killed or wounded,the target was mistaken.the shops were ordered to close 10 days after that attack. The shop owners are poor people who work and sell to get their living everyday. I don’t think ithat whom ordere them thought about their families or the habitants who buy from those shops. Ima gine a city with closed road and shops,how would the citizens live???? We stuck there and coul hardly back home.few days later as I was treating patients with my colleagues we heard that the national guards entered the health centre and arrested 2 armed men.i didn’t know why they were armed nor if the soldiers were chasing them.
Last few days the degree of violence has arised again.beginning with the new moern style of robbering banks,the first was one by the guards of the vice president adel abdul mahdi as was broadcasted by media,the second one was a trial but failed yesterday.baghdad haven’t seen such robberers and murderers in past history.the explosion which happened in many destricts in Baghdad an mosul were targeting the innocents only.
What about mosul…. That’s a totally a different subject,a small city cant be kept calm??? For god’s sake.its people are not that kind of violent.the habitants are innocents and just want to live in a safe area just like the rest of Iraqis.who was responsible for the deadly crime of al-ghazna explosion?? a small poor village 20km away from the centre of mosul. The same picture of al-zanjili explosion was repeated.
All the situation that we pass through is because of the political conflicts in and around Iraq,Iraqis are the victims.
*I’ like to read new posts from “emotions”, I do like your blog so keep it on.your readers are have brilliant posts and thoughts and need to be published.
*an I’d like to welcome “bookish”,wb man.come on write us many posts.