Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Big Financial "Trick"

I've received an email talking about a financial trick that will be done by the U.S government to "save the U.S economy" as the writer said.
The writer explained"
" it has been said that the U.S ministry of financial affairs was buying the iraqi dinar in an average of 150$ million daily,months before declaring "Iraq empty of U.S troops".
the U.S government was buying 1170 iraqi dinar for 1$.
after omitting three zeros from the iraqi currency (which will be done by the iraqi government on the next months) they will exchange 1170$ for 1170 IQ dinar"

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Comprehensive Exam

I did the last exam "hopefully" in M.Sc. last week.
few days before the exam i was busy with my patients in my private clinic and at the teaching hospital. i didnt have the time to study well. we had to pass an exam of 3 subjects in 4 hours without any specific lectures or books to read except seminars we had during the last year.
the department declared the main topics to study about but still huge.
the professors said that they wouldnt let anyone to pass it. we did study hard for few days and planned to wear suites.
we entered the college wearing suites,laughing and trying to discuss several subjects that we didnt understand.
the undergraduate students knew about the exam and were trying to know our feelings and reactions. my answer was 3 examination notebooks full of continuous writing for the 4 hours though felt my answer wasnt enough.
when we finished we took pictures, told jokes and went to a restaurant for lunch.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

RIP Mustafa G.

I've just received the bad news about one of my best friends "Mustafa G.". He died in the criminal suicide attack in Um AL-Qura Mosque in Alghazalyah District in baghdad. He was one of the close friends. I dont have words to say.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eager to Finish

I began to study for the last two exams that'll be after Eid. I like to study and get more knowledge but some subjects are boring and fruitless making me losing this feeling that always pushes me to finish the lecture or a chapter of a book.
after the exam i'll have to do my research and attend the clinic at the college. Last week i assigned for the papers of taking responsibility for the dental clinic in my department. i'm thinking of a big change and design for it,just want to pass this exam for now,wish me luck please.

few days a go mom phoned at 3 a.m, she came from syria and the car was heading to the south passing near Abu Ghreib(the driver didnt know the names of the places well) and the checkpoint stopped the car to wait until 4a.m (which is the time for permitting cars to enter Baghdad) so we'll have to wait for her their. we went out at 3 a.m, the roads were empty and no one at the checkpoints. the road lights were ending before Ghazalyah (west of Baghdad). As we reached the place we didnt find them,my dad suggested to continue driving heading outside baghdad to the west.
for 60km we didnt see any car until we reach near Falluja where we found them waiting there. i thought " what if someone (a criminal or terrorist) was intending to escape from baghdad? who'd stop him?"
I like to drive at such time,fairly cold fresh air,no cars to slow your speed but its not so easy.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's 2:30 am

hello friends

I really need to write few lines. its the 7th time that I log into blogger trying to write a new post.its 2:30 am,insomnia as usual :)
I was busy with my study and clinic.I made alot of new friends in college from all the stages that even my friend "k" said "if you will be a candidate you will win the elections". we have finished the second trimester and i"ll have to do an exam in september after Eid. I could barely run my clinic and im thinking now of selling it because after having the Master degree i'll have to serve 4 years in another governorate.i dont like this idea, i have alot of patients come from many districts in baghdad and my name is well known,but i'm obliged to.last night i heard about a decision from the ministry of health stating that we(graduates of MSc.& Ph.D.) are not considered as specialist because the degree (offered by the ministry of higher education to dentists)is not qualifying!!
Its funny to see such controversy,the ministry of health is trying to get more seats for the its dentists who will get an unqualified degree!!

Last two weeks were the hottest ones that i experienced in my life. the temperatures exceeded 55C even my fingers were burned by the hot generator frame before ignition.The electricity is still the same tragedy.

**the temperature as shown by the car**

A new "man" added the number of the family,a new nephew called "A"

"after many trials to get a good shot"
His sister "R" was very happy.when she saw him for the first time she shouted "Daaad he came to join us,aunt he is here"

People are still protesting every friday although the number is fewer and the voices are less.Iraqis are still not satisfied about their government especially after they were promised that after 100days the situation would be better but they were only lies;thinking that getting busy about electricity,gas,salaries and trying to provide the simple life needs are one of the ways followed to distract the peoples' minds.