Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's 2:30 am

hello friends

I really need to write few lines. its the 7th time that I log into blogger trying to write a new post.its 2:30 am,insomnia as usual :)
I was busy with my study and clinic.I made alot of new friends in college from all the stages that even my friend "k" said "if you will be a candidate you will win the elections". we have finished the second trimester and i"ll have to do an exam in september after Eid. I could barely run my clinic and im thinking now of selling it because after having the Master degree i'll have to serve 4 years in another governorate.i dont like this idea, i have alot of patients come from many districts in baghdad and my name is well known,but i'm obliged to.last night i heard about a decision from the ministry of health stating that we(graduates of MSc.& Ph.D.) are not considered as specialist because the degree (offered by the ministry of higher education to dentists)is not qualifying!!
Its funny to see such controversy,the ministry of health is trying to get more seats for the its dentists who will get an unqualified degree!!

Last two weeks were the hottest ones that i experienced in my life. the temperatures exceeded 55C even my fingers were burned by the hot generator frame before ignition.The electricity is still the same tragedy.

**the temperature as shown by the car**

A new "man" added the number of the family,a new nephew called "A"

"after many trials to get a good shot"
His sister "R" was very happy.when she saw him for the first time she shouted "Daaad he came to join us,aunt he is here"

People are still protesting every friday although the number is fewer and the voices are less.Iraqis are still not satisfied about their government especially after they were promised that after 100days the situation would be better but they were only lies;thinking that getting busy about electricity,gas,salaries and trying to provide the simple life needs are one of the ways followed to distract the peoples' minds.



Sunshine said...

مبروك قدوم المولود الجديد و جعله الله من ابناء السلامة و الصورة كلش حلوة


شكرا جزيلا سنشاين ربي يبارك بيكم ويحفظكم كل الحركات اللي عرفها بحياته سواها من اخذ الصور!!

Sunshine said...

يخبل والله كلش حلو

harrowwoman said...

such lovely big eyes Mashallah! May he have a long and happy life in the future Inshallah.