Thursday, November 13, 2008

Abu Ghreib

At last,after 19 months in mosul,I moved back to baghdad in 30 octobre. i spent 7months over the rotation period because i couldnt get the agreement to move my job and complete my residency in baghdad. i went out of mosul and i was so depressed,the people of mosul are really great,i knew many friends,im so sad to leave them but i got to go back to my family.
i got a decision from the ministry of health to work in Abu Ghreib.From 4/11 till now im trying to proceed my job but the Health Office of Alkarkh delayed the deicision that clearly declaring agreement and imposing the office and signed by the minister's deputy.however.i had to go several times to the office.they considered me absent for 5 days and im not,icame to the personnel and registered the decision in 4/ im thinking seriously to quit my job.many times i had to get into many many arguements with the employees,all they had to do is to follow the decision from the ministry,its not an illegal procedure.are all dentists in the world had to suffer like me? i felt of being humiliated.Also there were many physicians waiting,they left the hospitals and patients and came to the office for similar reasons.
two days ago the mobile network was so bad because many americans vhicles were near home,next morning my great friend mohannad phoned me,he is abroad and i missed him i was so happy.
the situation in baghdad these two days is frustrating,the bridge between adamiyah and kadimiyah reopened'thats great' but before that day three explosions occured in adamiyah at the same place respectively,many explosions occured,alot of them were not declared in media.
i'd like to show you a picture,we all know what is it its a gun

but do you believe it is a plastic toy!!! right,its a toy,when i saw it i thought a real gun.the are selling those toys and many similar ones in every shop in iraq!.many kids playing by it the 'police game'.this is one of the war's achievements,violence culture.where is the innocence of kids?you may imagine the consequences on the child's mind.


Anonymous said...

fight for your career and be patient, you have always been a determined person.remember i suffered just like you for 2 years , and then quit for 6 years .but all that became a history , when i fought to get my rights .and here I am ,back to my work.

Sazan said...

Keep up your hard work, even though it is not easy!!
I appreciate your comment on my blog- Thank you...

BOOKISH said...

Dear Baghdadentist,

Such is life in every place in Iraq. I hope everything has gone well with you.

Keep us updated

S.W said...

Alsalamu Alaikum
this is the same thing
my little brother has one like this one , beside all his toys he love to play with the gun toys .
thanks for your comment on my blog and I hope it wouldn't be the last one ..


thanks for allyour comments and support. i do appreciate. with family support and your words i will proceed my job tomorrow in abu ghreib, i got the permission from the general director. i will write comments on your blogs. s.w. why dont you try with your brother to play "brain building" games rather than guns,may god protect him.

Don Cox said...

I played with guns when I was akid, but grew up to be a peaceful adult. Don't worry too much about kids playing with guns - the problems come when adults play with them.