Sunday, March 7, 2010


After many days of waiting to the election day,voting for the candidates began this morning. Cars were banned last night and many roads that lead to the election centres were closed by barbed wires and army vhecles.
With the begining of the voting many explosions occurred in were about falling many mortar in many districts in the city including Adamyah,Al-adil,Palestine street,Ur and many other places in a wave of attacks. Baghdad is not secured.
Two days ago we heard about threatens by some terrorists to not participate in the elections and today some people were not allowed to participate in some places like Abu Ghreib because the guarding army for those centres that belongs to the 6th unit didn’t allow people to do so as the habitants said.
With all the fears of going to vote,Iraqis insist on democracy to stop violence and choose Iraqi citizens to represent them

Here is the card that will allow me to vote

Im going to the election centre in an hour.


Violet's Pure Heart said...

Glad to hear from you dear brother:)

Hoping they will not disapoint us this time


Don Cox said...

Democratically elected governments are usually disappointing, but they are not as bad as dictators. At least, you are allowed to criticize them, and the thought that they could lose the next election makes them try harder.

But they are only people, like us, and they often fail.

Anonymous said...

You stopped blogging, why?