Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramadhan Mubarak

its early morning.we'll have electricity for a sitting on the dental chair with my laptop since there is neither a space in the clinic nor chairs to sit on.the employees took them out to the garden of the health centre because we didnt have electricity and the generator was colleagues are talking about clothes and shopping.
the working hour now starts at 7:00 a.m.its very early though its good for us because the sun is burning and the temperature hits over 50c many times.
ramadhan(the fasting month) doing my best to overcome thirstiness during fasting.the first day was was my off day.i went to my friend's house to help them fixing the air conditioner then went out with my other friend.we went to my boss's private clinic where we were trying to coordinate suitable colors for the painting of the walls.i fixed the compressor that is attached to the dental chair,chose the colours and gave him my opinion and advices about the clinic.
my boss "dr.B" is a very nice,youthful and humorous guy. he is few years older than us and we communicate with each other as friends rather than as a boss and employees.last tuesday;we went to a restaurant(it was his idea)we ate kabab,laughed and told some friend "Z" ate a very big shesh kebab and had abdominal pain hehehe.i remebered my old friends. i miss them alot.

at the level of my future life im about to make a big change,however its not easy to take such decision so fast. i need to be sure that i'll do it on the right way.any other decision wont take such alot of time.

my apology for not posting during the last months.



~~Silk said...

Welcome back. We've missed you, and are relieved to know that you are well.

Touta said...

and eid saeed!!!

:D your blog is still all black BD. :O