Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Have a Dream

I'm listening to a song by westlife called "i have a dream",which is originally by Abba.anyhow,i kept repeating this song over and over thinking about the situation and the country i'm living in. i edited the song into:
"i have a dreeeeeam a worthy life to live innnnnn, i believe in miracles something good i hope to seeee " :)
my current status is:
i didnt go out of the house for the past two days except to the generator owner to see why the power was off and told me "im sorry we are repairing the generator". what a luck!.and went to buy credit to my mobile.
i didnt have have shower today,no electricity,cold weather. sometimes i say "thanks god, we've got water :)".i woke up on the sounds of weeping,i didnt know where it came from,may be from the people that passed along the street which is 100 metre away. they used to put loudspeakers in pick ups with the sounds of weepings "latmia".
an explosion occured in al-kathumyah by a suicidal woman on sunday. as i heard she was putting on her explosions and went to the crowdings who were entering the shrime of al-kathum.from that time the checkpoints were crowded and everywhere. women were not allowed to enter Al-Kathumyah.
On monday i went to work and the entrance to abu ghreib was filled with cars waiting to be searched including personal one.
we had to stop a side and step out of the car to be searched by the national was so accurate that many people left buses and walked behind the checkpoint! if anyone of those was carrying a weapon or explosives,he would be easily enter the city.
our destrict was closed on tuesday and didnt know why!!!!
again i'm thinking that i'm wasting my time. i kept surfing on the net and applied to a postgraduate course.
tomorrow i'll finish the medical examinations.
Could anyone tell me what is happening in Gaza? why is all this bombardment? on tv i just see and hear innocents have been killed.
may god protect innocents and may peace be the world's priority.


Touta said...

*after you sing*
my ears mey ears!! they bleed they bleed! :D
The checkpoint thing near you is a lot better than ours-smile and you get through, although recently, at a checkpoint they made me take off my shoes and stand on the cold ground for 10 minutes!!
good luck on exams.

Miss Violet said...

B.D.. I love this song! the both editions .. but your edition is good ,too:D.
Good luck with your searching on the net and good luck with your medical exams ..

Matt Delventhal said...

This piece was cited in the following article:

A Dentist's View of Baghdad

Michomeme said...

yes, we all have a dream but cand we make it true while we are living in Iraq?
I don't think so..