Saturday, January 17, 2009


Last wednesday was my birthday. I was sooo happpy on the previous days.on that day i went to work fulled of enthusiasm and happiness until i went back home and i faced my father and said b.d hurry up i just came and found your mom lied on the floor. i ran to her room and found her laid down on the floor without any movement. i was shocked and didnt know if she went unconscious or......
i checked her pulse and was week,after a while she talked to me crying. i've tried to find the cause but didnt sign of hypoglycemia, her blood pressure and temperature were normal and didnt feel nauseated just suddenly felt down unconscious and there was no one beside her at that moment.
the cake was my sister's job and my father brought desert and at night all were celebrating including my mom but i kept sad and a faked smile on my face. i didnt like to show my sadness to her and tried to make her happy.
next day i was supposed to finish many staffs but i didnt and kept at home worried she might collapse.
she is fine now but im worry about her.
yesterday i went to Aljamiaa street and to Almansour then to Adamiyah,baghdad is great at night except for the lack of electricty that causes dark places and the presence of the concrete barriers around some destricts and at the checkpoints.last week many exlosions occurred.the photos of the candidates are spreading all over baghdad especially on walls of the high concrete barriers.
As for abu ghreib ,nthing changed the same unbelievable traffic jam on the entrance. by the way a driver showed me a way to enter Abu Ghreib without being searched!!!!!! its just about 2 kilometres away to enter through a village called "al thahab al abyath" where there is a checkpoint that allow the cars to enter and go ahead.
Today I was so angry at work,we still donthave electricity,half the instruments were not sterilized. a patient came asking for treatment.his tooth was indicated for extraction.of course without light and the dental chair position cant be changed.i was in need of the chair turbine to dissect the tooth but there wasnt neither the electricity nor the working dental chair.
One of the dentists began to blame me about receiving such case for treatment since we dont have facilities.we faced difficulties but it was extracted. he was right but i became so angry and told him that instead of blaming me ha had to blame the person(s) who was(were) responsible for this miserable situation.and I told the others that I'm ready to do anything just to supply this health institute with electricity and other necessary materials.imagine that the electrical connections are so bad that once they were about to fire.
i'm feeling guilty toward the poor patients.
this night i'm upset and dont like to talk about it. I need a break for a while and i have to do some revisions and decisions.


Touta said...

allah eshfee umak bd. Take care of her, and i hope she gets well.
The posters of the candidates are soo much funny when they have graffiti on them making fun of the candidates. :D
Good luck and take care

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, and I hope the situation improves.

Wishing you all the best,
Sam from London.

Miss Violet said...

I'm sorry about your mom , I hope she is okay now . I really was moved when I heard that!
U know what?? when I hear and see such situations in our health centers and clinics , I really lose hope and wish my life just ends at that moment for not being Constrained to say to a patient : "go away ! ,I can't give you the medical service!".
We depend on God and he guides us!
. Iraqi people need dentists like you. and I believe they must supply such essential centers in Iraq with continuous energy and necessary services.
Take care! and take it easy with your work :) . wish you best luck!

Michomeme said...

Salamat to your mother, inshallah she's feeling good now..
Happy Birthday to you Baghdad Dentist, wish you all the best..

I remeber one day I collapsed also, my family took me to the laboratory in my neighborhood, it was afternoon, there was no electrisity and they didn't turn on the generator.
The girl incharge there, took some drops of my blood, on the light of her mobile!!
and later she told me my sugar level is 65!

so, how can they be sure if they don't have the equipments they need to do their work in the right way?

Miss Violet said...

oh,Sorry B.D.:D I forgot to wish you a Happy birth day and wish you all the best :)

BOOKISH said...

First of all, Happy Birthday.

I am sorry your mother had to go through that and hope she is well now.

Please keep us updated.

Best wishes

Loren Christie said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment. Happy Birthday, and I'm sorry to hear about your mother's sudden illness. Maybe she fainted?

You mentioned posters of candidates. We are welcoming a new President this weekend here. I did not vote for him, however, I wish him all the best now that he has been elected.

I can imagine how frustrating it is to try to serve people medically when you do not have what you need. At the same time, you certainly are getting an amazing life experience and training that will, in the long run, make you better in your field. Thanks for visiting me! -Loren

C.H. said...

Hi BD,

I am your email address still the same? I tried to contact you...I'm intersted in learning more about the situation in Baghdad



Hi friends
thanks for your comments and wishes,glad to see them.
my mom is ok.the manager of one of the health institutes asked me to work in his institute and i agreed,its much better than this one,next week i will proceed in my new place.
and C.H my email is the same,u may also contact me through which i prefer.

thanks to all.

Miss Violet said...

Glad to hear your mom is okay :).
And congrats on your new place.


Thanks miss violet :). i hope you wont suffer after graduation.
wish u luck.

Anonymous said...

walk with the marched.and take care.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday and best wishes for you and the family.wishing your mom abetter health.

annie said...

wow, that is excellent news about being offered the job at the better institute. happy birthday a little late. glad to here your mom is better now.

Loren Christie said...

Hi B.D.
In your recent post you asked for writing ideas...not sure if you've already covered this one, but how about talking about how you chose your profession, and some stories of your childhood? -Loren