Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

Happy new year.
last week i didnt go neither to mosul nor to any place outside baghdad. first of all my dad refused the idea then i had to do some medical investigations,i took many days off, i'll talk about that in another post.
this year i didnt go out and celebrate as the last one.
today is the first day of 2009 but the celebrations was over as i went to almansour few hours ago. i remembered last year it continued.may be because its tooooooo cold :).
the biggest step in 2008 was the blog, i created it in september 2007 but started my first post on jan 2008 after the encouragement of mama and her daughter sunshine.i had many goals that i couldnt achieve last year that im hoping to accomplish this year.
Btw, you remember dr"O", i talked about him in a previous post. he is in new zealand now.
i hope peace will shake the iraqis' hands and step into the houses.


Nakhaly said...

Its freezing. :D
I hope your work gets easier, and I wish that all your dreams come true, and even if you didn't meet any of your goals, I'm sure you've achieved a lot more other things,

best wishes for the new year

Miss Violet said...

Happy New Year B.D :):)
May God make all your dreams come true and make your life more beautiful with your achievements...

yes me, too!!!.. the blog was the biggest step that i have made in 2008:)...
unfortunately that Mosul did't see you , :D:D
if you meant that you were sick i'm sad to hear that :)...
and Amen to your last prayer :)

Hope said...

Hello and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Have you ever seen the movie, "It's a wonderful Life"? The theme of that movie and what is said to the main character by his guardian Angel is, (paraphrasing) One life touches so many others, you never know how the things you do impact others.

Sir, I am sitting here in the United States, in Massachusetts. If you had not started your blog, I would never have seen the world from your particular perspective. You have actually spoken to others from around the world. That is pretty significant in my view. If this is the main thing that you did, well, congratulations! You have had an impact, a positive impact in parts of the world and with other human beings whom you may not have other wise. So, let me say, "Thanks!" :)

I hope that things get easier for you in your work and I wish you peace and prosperity this year. I will as always, be praying for the people of Iraq for continued progress and much peace.


Najma said...

Happy New Year B.D. (not too new, but new enough I hope :) ).
It's very cold here, too.
I guess I'm not coming to Baghdad either.. plans were canceled :(

Salamat inshallah.. and take care of yourself.


oh friends thanks alot for ur comments and wishes, you are all gorgeous.
Hope: thanks to u and your great words.they gave me a big push and i'm so glad.
Najma: i hope you will be able to come to baghdad,plans are changing always ;).
baghdad welcomes you anytime.


i forgot, sorry miss violet :)
i'm not soooo sick :),you may say episodes. im just waiting for the result of my medical examinations then i'll write abt the whole story in a post.

Loren Christie said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences! It is also cold here in New York. I wish you peace and that you will achieve all your goals this year. God protect you and your family.