Sunday, December 21, 2008

Iraq Has a Chronic Illness

everytime i tried to challenge the deterioration, i was disappointed.on saturday the first patient came and her tooth was indicated for extraction,i gave her aneasthesia but the forceps and instruments were not sterilized. i stood gazing at the instuments and was very angry.there was no electricity,nor the generator,so i had to dismiss the patient and apologize for a fault that wasnt mine.
i talked to one of the employees and asked him about the generator he said "the generator is ok,and was working,the fuel is available but the battery needs to be changed". for god's sake,its been a month since i started my work and we have a 150 amp. generator with fuel not working because of a battery and we need it for sterilization,illumination,air conditioners and and and.i didnt mention other dental services because we dont offer any except extraction.
the manager deputy came and i explained what happened. he said we demanded a battery.
i felt disappointed.patiens came and i'm that day all the patients were dismissed,some took medications.
today at work i heard that the off days were changed and the whole schedule.i was astonished,i asked my colleagues,they said "yes last week,and today is supposed to be your off" i replied "why you didnt say?". i dont know why they didnt came to agree for which day,moreover i came early today and no one told me its my off until i asked them.
on friday i decided to go on a trip for a few days,i realize now its the best time for a trip.
i need to change the routine at least for few days.
my vacation will start on tuesday,then after going back i will visit mosul.
i was about to forget to tell you that my sister came and said that many college students of engineering in al-mustansiriyah came at morning this day to the head of the university and the students union demanding to protest against the action of some military forces that entered the college and hit and drag many students, the dean was beaten and humiliated by the soldiers at the college centre. my sister wasnt sure of those informations that was loudly declard by the shouting students and they were very seems that not only the dean of the medicine college of mosul included,but in a different way.
i'm praying to end this mess.its not a life,it's just like a zoo.
from time to time i was trying to forget similar events and think of a better future but how it comes to be a good future with such's been 5 years after war,and previously lived in a blockade and war after war since i was born during eightys.
i feel that im losing my time.instead of being creative and make progress, we are spending our time and efforts on living only and how to save ourselves.


Miss Violet said...

Good post..BAGHDADENTIST, Horrible situation actually in your work place.. I have someone close also is a dentist , but his workplace is not that horrible!! ..
It's a silly thing- if I can say- that the work of a dental clinic has to stop for the sake of non- battery existence!!! You have the right to be angry .. if I was in your pace .. I will also feel helpless !!!
I feel the same sometimes, feeling that your age is passing and you can't do anything for a progress, for something that will make your life is worthy to live ..
God help you with your work!
BTW, I hope you will have a nice trip to Mosul.. and you are welcomed here whenever you visit :)


thanks Miss Violet.
i think that the vacation will make a refreshment to me to start again.

Najma said...

"It's a jungle out there
Disorder and confusion everywhere
No one seems to care
Well I do
Hey, who's in charge here?"

It's a jungle out there

Zoos are much more in order than this country..

I might accompany mom to Baghdad in my vacation.. Interested in swapping places?

I hope you'll have some fun during your break.. Try to relax!


Oh really,you will come to baghdad? you are welcomed anytime.

BOOKISH said...

The situation is unbearable but out spirit should not break.
Being optimistic is the only way to help us to go on, I think.

Just take care as much as you can. :)


Najma said...

Maybe I will.. I surely hope so.

Anonymous said...

hello,frustration and hopeless are common feelings , we the Iraqis suffer from . stay safe , relax looking forward for you visit.

Jay said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

Touta said...

don't give up hope bd. with people like you, we can have a future that's not a mess. Enjoy your trip, and relax.

best wishes,


hi all,
bookish: that's what i trying to do, to keep optimistic but sometimes i cant.
najma: try to change "may be" into "i will" :D
mama: me too, im waiting for the proper time.
jay: welcome
touta: best wishes to you too.

thanks for comments

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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