Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BBB:Baghdad,Bomb and Bush.

In the last few days I witnessed many events. first after eid i went to the health centre and found only 2 colleagues there.the health office decided before eid to lessen the numbr of they included the last six dentists according to time of starting work at the centre. i was supposed to be the first name but since im not completely registered in the office i will be kept working at the same place,until now im taking my salary from mosul.
we bought gloves from a pharmacy for extracting teeth since we are not supplied with,yet.
a photo of the dental clinic:

Today i was about to lose my mind. as usual i was going to work but on the highway there was a horrible traffic jam and the cars were stopped. there was a road side bomb and the road wa closed so we follow the old way to abu ghreib that passes near the military base of almuthanna. its a narrow way with many obstacles and checkpoints. again the cars were crowded there and some drove on the sides,the american vehicles were outside the road and the dust and chaos all over the place.two funerals were waiting to pass.i was so angry. why we are suffering everyday? i couldnt reach work until 10:30 and i was considered lucky because many employees couldnt make it.
before eid i sterilized all the dental instruments as we had electricity that day but now we are freezing because we dont have electricity and im planning to fix the dental chairs,im feeling helpless and guilty toward the patients that we are not offering them but extraction.
the second event was what Muntather did during the last press conference with the almaliki and bush.anyhow i will not mention what happened but ive seen that almost 98% are with alzeidi including me.if bush said he was just to show him self i see that "if" he wa showing himself "and im sure he wasnt" i reply and all iraqis are saying that he expresses our feelings toward bush,people were/are happy.and why the iraqi government now are trying to accuse him of an attempt of attacking a president, wasnt he expressing his opinion freely? wasnt that the reason behind the whole war? to express our opinions freely in a democratic way. they are annoyed,why???? the iraqis are demanding to relaese him immediately,if there is a true democracy they should follow the public decision and release him,if they are claiming "we are a democtratic free country", they treated him by hiting and pull him from his hair.
some said that will reflect the picture of iraqis and their hospitality, the iraqis are always known by their hospitality and if anyone will come or intend to visit iraq we will welcome him and take care of him but not bush, he is an unwelcomed visitor.
others didnt accept what he did simply because they didnt live or experience by their eyes what happened and is happening in iraq.
now there is a game on the internet called the sock and awe about accounts points according to how many times you hit bush by the shoe using the mouse.
On monday students of Al-mustansiriyah university gathered at the university centre demanding to release alzeidi,the second day i went there to take some pictures but there was a ceremony of alghadeer occasion and most of them were at the theatre, here the photos:

in this one thay wrote:we are demanding to release muntather.
while in this they praised him for his act.

btw:it was my first time to see the university theatre, i entered trough a door but it was unusual!!,i wanted to exit from the other door and suddenly i saw the stage,i thought "if i will go through this door, i might be on the stage and all attendants may laugh,as in movies!!" haha so i slowly looked behind the curtains and saw the bodyguards of the head of the university stood on the stage, i walked forward,said hello and took the camera from the laptop bag. i began to take plenty of photos and one was allowed to stood on stage except the singers
.here are some photos:

I intend to visit mosul soon,may be at the end of the month.


Touta said...

Hope you are safe. the attacks near al mustansiriya have caused a lot of hurt.
wishing you all the best,
p.s. the healthcare is a mess in iraq. some doctors even have to reuse needles.

C.H. said...

Muntahar should be released, but what he did was wrong...I didn't like how he accused Bush of murdering civilians, as if that's what he had intended to do.

I have been asking this question around the Iraqi blogosphere...if Saudi Arabia decides to open an embassy in Baghdad, do you think any Iraqi journalists will be brave enough to throw a shoe at the ambassador? Hundreds of Saudis have become suicide bombers over the last few years and have murdered countless Iraqi innocents...they are creating the widows and orphans Muntahar was talking about.


thanks touta.

thanks for commenting, you are right many foreigners came as terrorists and killed many innocents and i saw that by naked eyes infront of me and mentioned that many times but who left the borders opened for more than two years after war? who gave the chance for neighboring countries to export violence into iraq? the false strategy of bush in iraq was the reason behind that.
the war was about to get iraq out of terrorists and make it a democratic country,wasnt? and take alook at the history for the past 5 years more terrorists and attacks,execution on public,bombs,suicide bombers,sticky bombs until this morning there was a road side bomb.
without mentioning the miserable you believe that we dont have electricity for two days? we are fully dependant on generators.was it difficult to import giant generators during the whole 5 years? the shoes werent just about widows and orphans,as the iraqis are saying,they were about the whole situation.
thanks again

C.H. said...


I understand what you mean...Bush did allow for the situation to unfold because of the terrible planning. Many believe his decision to go into Iraq was a mistake, but I have no doubt that he wants Iraq to succeed...he has sacrificed his entire presidency to try and make this happen.

The invasion led to the disintegration of the Iraqi police, public health (at least those who had access to it) and military--that is a tragedy. But what has prevented Iraq from getting back up on its feet with a functioning, democratic government are the Saddam loyalists, who would sooner watch Iraq burn than relinqish their power, and foreign insurgents who are coming over the border from Neighboring countries.

Countries like Saudi Arabia will not accept having a neighbor that allows women to drive and get a proper education. Therefore, they look the other way when terrorists cross the border and blow themselves up, all the while the Saudis claim to be a US 'ally'.

Progress in Iraq has been and will continue to be stagnant until the terrorists/insurgents stop holding Iraq back by bombing civilians--innocent people who have nothing to do with the American Occupation or even the Iraqi government. It makes me angry when they claim they want to "liberate" Iraq but murder Iraqis instead.

Iraqis are a determined people--I have many friends in Iraq, and I cannot imagine what it must be like not having electricity for days...I wish there was more I could do from California :)

I believe that Iraq is going to be a fluourishing society one day, and everything will be better...but this can only happen if we all work together.

BOOKISH said...

From the photo, the dental clinic seems to be a good and clean one. :D
If you only could see my dentist's clinic, it is horrible....and I can't remember that he,my dentist, had ever used gloves. :)

As to the traffic jams,
I am so angry too. we spent half an hour trying to enter our neighbourhood today. and the check points are not only the ones to blame. There are many stupid and ill-mannered and uneducated who wandering the streets and driving cars.

The photos are nice, thanks for sharing.

When you come to mosul, send me an email. we can meet. :)


just to make it clear bush didnt sacrifice his presidency not for iraq but because of his past acts.
i dont know why you are defending him? not muntather with all my respect,may be because you didnt live the iraqi life.

hi, its not a clean clinic.last week i cleaned chair and the instruments and sterilized them.
sure, i will contact you.

Najma said...

My dentist's clinic was the only thing I like about dentistry :) He has a laptop and a coffee machine and it's very well decorated. That was my dentist who worked on my braces, I don't remember going to a dentist afterwards :D
He didn't encourage me to enter dentistry at all, though..

There are demonstrations in Mosul university too, to demand the release of Montadhar Al-Zaidi.

You have a very nice theater in Al-Mustansiriya uni. I've only been to a theater once, it was near my primary school, and I don't remember how it looked..

You're most welcome in Mosul.. I'm sure your friends here would be happy to see you again :)


i do like the clean well decorated clinic and of course with laptop,illuminated and slow calm music that relaxes the patient and make him comfortable.

Windingstad said...


You have a very interesting blog, and I hope you are safe. Let me just comment on a few things you wrote:

"the iraqis are demanding to relaese him immediately,if there is a true democracy they should follow the public decision and release him,if they are claiming "we are a democtratic free country", they treated him by hiting and pull him from his hair."

Remember, democracy is about rule of law too. If Muntahar broke the law he should be punished accordingly, even though what he did was madly popular in the Iraqi population.

For a democracy to work, the law must be enforced, even when it is unpopular.

Best regards from Norway, and I hope you get power in your clinique soon!