Monday, December 1, 2008


i began my work in abu ghreib.we are 15 dentists in the health centre.6 males and 9 females. I havent met some of them till now.I met dr "E" she was with me in college.
The dental services limited to extraction only.and extraction is limited to 5 patients in a day.we dont have sufficient anaesthesia necessary for dental treatment. lack the filling materials,the dental chairs "which are two" are not working,one is new but with technical problems without mentioning electricity problem.
yesterday,we bought cotton from a nearby pharmacy to extract teeth.a child was brought by two teachers after a seizure attack at school. the physician tried to find a 5cc syringe and "water for injection" but they were over too. one of the teachers went to a pharmacy by his car to buy for the injection.The health services are miserable, I've noticed that the physicians tried their best with available facilities.After two hours I found myself alone in the dental clinic.some went to the main office,others went to give polio vaccines to the children neighbourhood as a part of a program lasting 5 days.I liked to participate instead of sitting without work but one said that money will be given to participants,so i "pulled my self" to allow others to take part who in need of it.
The city of abu ghreib is safe,the national guards are walking freely,in the previous period they couldnt,the head general of city forces ordered soldiers and policemen to enter unarmed to local shops and any institute.
The civil and army cargo planes are flying above us at low heights since baghdad international airport is neighbouring abu ghreib.
The manucipalty paved the main road of the city last week and painted the pavements but after the rainy days, the spots where the rain gathered among it were the only defects!!!,it was not straight but rippled.
I said spots of gathered water is better than floods of Al-rusafa side of baghdad where in some streets even the cars couldnt pass.TV news showed the road near the Baghdad Mancilaty was sank and the employers couldnt reach the office.

*I'm thinking to stop blogging because i began blogging to share my thoughts and show the picture of baghdad and iraq generally but I havent seen a change took effect after publishing even I feel my thoughts seem not interesting to read.


~~Silk said...

Oh, no, don't stop writing. I follow you, and Sunshine, and Michael Totten, because I want to know what's happening with real people, not just what the news programs want to tell me. Many people read blogs and never leave a comment - but that doesn't mean we aren't interested.

Keep telling us your story, your life. It matters.

BOOKISH said...

No, please don't stop blogging. It's really nice to read about the normal life all over the country. Each one of us has his own experiences and his ups and downs and it's nice to share our stories,isn't it?.

I really hope you would keep on blogging.

Don Cox said...

I agree with Silk - don't stop blogging. Your thoughts are much more interesting than you realise, and so are the details of life in Iraq. The state of that dental surgery is disgusting.

dancewater said...

I find your writings to be interesting. I try to keep up with what is happening in Iraq, even though it upsets me greatly.

Right now I am worried about Sunshine and her family. I heard of more explosions in Mosul, and I hope she is okay.

Please keep telling us what is happening.


Thanks alot but im feeling frustrated because i havent made or seen a change even a simple one,the same miserable situation and all my words are about war war terrorists explosions,my posts became boring,but thats our life.

touta said...

Its not boring at all. A month ago,when I passed abu ghraib it was filled with american tanks-our driver was even too scared to let me take pictures. Some progression.
I love reading your blog and hope to read some more. :D
Your friend from baghdad/now in diyala. :)

iraqifriend said...

Please do not stop blogging! People like you give the world an on-the-ground reality of what is happening in Iraq. I am an Iraqi living in America who has never been to Iraq. I am in college right now and my parents always dream of the day they can take me back to see Iraq. Your thoughts are very interesting. More good people like you are necessary. Keep up your heroic work and resilience.

Matt said...

I'm still reading, man. Keep it up.


after reading your comments i realized how hard to stop blogging,so i wont and i will keen on writing posts,thanks to your support and nice words,you gave me a big push to continue,next post i will talk more about my job,baghdad,my personal life.

Anonymous said...

Don't are making a difference by telling the truth.I have been writing for 3 years,although i barely have time,and i will not stop till i write nice diaries and happy events happening to me as an iraqi.


mama,thanks alot,you have been/are my eidolon and supportive.i hope these days will come soon

Anonymous said...

OH no, please don't stop blogging, you know how much do i like your blog ..
if you stop i'll stop blogging too :D hehe
A fan ..

BOOKISH said...

" i wont and i will keep on writing posts.."

Really so glad to hear so.
You are,at least, connecting some people to a small piece of what normal life is like in Iraq by blogging..

I would be always glad to read what you have to share. :)

Wish you the very best. :)


A fan:
can you?? haha just kidding.thanks,you are such a nice person.

you cant imagine how im pleased to read your comments.great guy,i wish i met you before when i was in mosul.thanks for your big support and wishes.

Touta said...

baghdad dentist,
EID SAEED for tommorrow. :)

BOOKISH said...


Never mind, we will meet someday Inshallah. :)

Anonymous said...

wishing you a happy eid with your family.

you can't stop blogging, i just found you now!

you may think your voice doesn't matter sometimes, but it does.

iraq is in my heart tho i have never been there. i think of iraqis day in and day out. especially holidays, we are one world.

stay safe and i'm very sorry for all you have to go thru.