Friday, February 15, 2008

High Spot

Several times I heard from "mama"(the mother of sunshine) what sunshine did and doing of big achievements beginning from crossing over her obstacles courageously and helping people without hesitation or getting bored , to her education, knowledge and her skills.
One day when I was in the diagnosis department, “mama” came with a teenage girl accompanying her. “is she sunshine?” I thought but I didn’t ask. There were many patients came for diagnosis. As the crowd was over ½ hour later I asked “mama” whispering and pointing to the girl “sunshine?” she answered “yes”. I didn’t expect so because she is a young girl. After talking with her, the personality of sunshine in her blog appeared. One may notice immediately her smartness, capabilities of speech, language and knowledge from her selection of words during speaking with others. She is different from her age mates in wide ambitions and eager to get knowledge even if that may cost her to spend all the credit of her mobile!!.
She really likes net and her computer. I agree with her because I’m addicted to those two. If I’m not using my desktop pc then you’ll see me sleeping with the laptop next to me.
At that day, someone made me mad and I did crazy things. He was one of the national guards came asking for removal of calculus around his teeth, it’s a cleaning of teeth with an ultrasound device. He was listening to the loud music of his mobile and sat on the dental chair with a gun in his hand. He then pointed his gun to all the doctors in the clinic including sunshine. I asked him to move it away but he said that he couldn’t as one of the terrorists might attack him in the clinic!!!. Then he pointed it straight into my face. It was a half metre of my face. Everyone just went out. I closed the door and was in crazy state with a calm looking face. i cut off water of the device and he began to feel some pain with his finger on the trigger. Thanks god I’m alivve now.
As for “mama”, I’m very grateful to her because she encouraged me to write in a blog. You can imagine what kind of a woman who raised up a girl like “sunshine”.
“mama” , “sunshine” you both owe me one.


Treasure of Baghdad said...

Indeed, Mama and sunshine are really nice and intellectual. I follow their blogs and love the humane imprint they always leave to readers.

Man, you reminded me with an incident that happened to me while I was covering a car bomb explosion that killed 43 kids in Baghdad. One of the kids' brothers ran to me and started chocking me saying that I was trying to take advantage of his brother's death. Of course I was there to tell the world what really happened and how these poor kids were killed in this crime. The man almost killed me. Thanks to God and to the young men who pulled his hands away from my throat!

May God keep you all safe.


Sunshine said...

I'm glad i was able to leave such an impression Dr. and i am even more glad that you started your own blog, we need good, educated, brave, young, and honest writers from Iraq, like you ..
In friendship ..

Mister Ghost said...

Hi Dr. BD,
Not that it's important after your terrific anecdote, but your links to Mama and Sunshine don't work.

But nevertheless, "High Spot" is one of the nicest posts in the Iraqi blogosphere this year, and a great testimonial to yours and Sunshine's composure.

And that National Guardsman was lucky Sunshine wasn't in a bad mood, because when she is mad, she is like the Incredible Hulk. She would have ripped the gun from the NG's hands and twisted it into a pretzel. Or crushed it like a Pringle's potato chip :)))

cat said...

Hey Doc!
I've been reading Sunny's blog for the past couple months. You know, she writes better than a lot of people who grow up speaking English. I can get so crazy in the way I write that nobody can understand it! I usually read whatever I'm writing a couple of times before posting it. So how do you cope with things like this, the NG pointing guns at you and all. I've never been through that kind of thing, the worst I've been through is little Bro aiming a rock at my face. Usually then I would just wrestle it from his hands, he doesn't want to hurt me. :P Anyway, keep up with the posting and stay safe,