Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Well well wellll. I have many thoughts, pictures and facts I'd like to share you with but I don’t know which one to publish and for the current time I have limited spare time. Now I'm in Baghdad. Sometimes I feel like an egoistic because I left my friends in this critical situation but I have a lot of stuff to be done. I consider this period as the days that will limit my future life and the way I will pass through for my goals.
I went out of mosul and tears flowing on my cheek. Inspite of the sad days and facing terrorists in streets killing people infront of me, I couldn't and will not forget all the marvellous and supporting friends.
For me it's impossible to see my tears even at the hardest times, close friends may notice my reddened eyes but not tears.
The situation in mosul is fluctuating between chaos and calm. Many troops were headed to mosul but "I think" that will not help the people, on the contrary, because the "plan to clean mosul out of terrorists" as was declared , was known by the whole world. In every ceremony and media conference there was that announcement and details about mosul.
I have a little experience but they were ought to follow the sudden and silent plan. So "as I think" this army will find the innocent people only but from the other side order may shine again since the weapons as I hope will be carried by officials only. All I wish is to live in a peaceful environment, neither presence of militias and terrorists nor chaos.
Several days ago I visited the college of dentistry I graduated from. I met the dean and professors who consider me as their son. What surprised me was the news about American forces arresting some of the guards in the college as a result of weapons found in there one day after my visit!!!!.
And now a spokesman of the us army is saying that those weapons were stored to be used later by militias.
Weapons and armors inside an educational institution???!! And in the centre of Baghdad!!?. I don’t know when all this kind of hostile contemplation will turn into passion especially between politicians.
From now on as soon as I have the time, I will keep on writing to publish the truth.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr.
Let's hope the situation will get better, we can't do anything but praying & hoping for a new shining and peaceful day ..

Petrockstar said...

I hope you are well and I wish you the best. And keep those teeth clean! :-)

Mister Ghost said...

Hi Dr BD,
A simple solution to your posting dilemma.
Post everything.
No decisions, free the mind for the more important issues in life.
Did you see they arrested the Acting Director of the Psychiatric Hospital in Baghdad for the Down Syndrome bombings?
So, why should universities be left out of the terrorism fracas?
Haven't students murdered their professors for receiving bad grades?
Don't students that belong to militias receive unfair advantages
at universities?
A Thousand Saddams in Iraq now, Dr. BD.
A Thousand Saddams...

programmer craig said...

Hi BD (is it OK to call you that?),

This is my first comment on your blog. I got the link from Mama's post. Belated "welcome to the blogosphere" :)

I wonder what they plan on doing in Mosul? The news here in the US has been very quiet when it comes to details. I hope you are right that the terrorists go someplace else and there isn't a major battle. I say that for selfish reasons because my favorite Iraqi bloggers are in Mosul.

I wonder where they would go, though? Well, I hope they go someplace where they receive an extremely unfriendly welcome, in any case. And I hope US and Iraqi forces follow them there and finish them off for good.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr.

I found your blog very interesting to read. I would like you to know that I am a student and am currently taking a class about gender in the Middle East. My comments from your blog are such:

I hope that you are doing well, and that work is good. As a student I am trying to take in as much information about current news as possible. Your blog opened my eyes to new obstacles which you and many others are struggling in.

I always hear about terrorist bombings from NY times articles, but never have read detailed stories of someone witnessing them.I only get one side of the story when I read these articles, and I am glad I was able to read your stories, to get a different perspective. I hope that you are safe and that the terrorists are found.

Finally, I like the picture you posted. I have a hobby for photography, and I appreciate giving your blog readers something from which they can see through your eyes.

Take care

Anonymous said...

I forgot a to add a couple of other comments from the one above... Therefore this is an continuation of my last comment.

I have been studying gender in the middle east as I explained earlier. I have a few questions and comments to make. Do you think being a female dentist in Baghdad would have been a much different experience? In other words do you believe that gender would have affected some of the issues or problems which arose during your time in Baghdad? I ask these questions because I am curious about how individuals in the Middle East interpret gender and how it is defined and looked at.

I also thought that your post about sunshine was interesting because you seemed surprised about her personality and certain traits which did not seem usual for a young girl. Do you have any comments about this?

I hope my questions are not offensive or intrusive of your blog, I am very happy I came across your blog and look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

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