Sunday, January 27, 2008


it was afternoon.i was writing my new post which was supposed to be about the health care provision.suddenly a huge terrifying sound of blast i heard inspite of the loud music that was out of my first i thought it as a bombed car or a road side bomb near us as usual until my boss ringed me a phone to tell me that it was a mile away!!!. i didnt realize the disaster until the next morning in the clinic some of my friends visited the place of explosion to tell us about the destruction left behind. at about 10 they declared a curfew. there were many patients came asking for treatment and complained of pain.
at that day there was only me and a senior dentist treating a patient with a difficult case. i had to choose between getting stacked in the hospital or to treat patients and of course i took the second choice. i would blame my self if i left them without treatment and thought in my self that those patients wouldnt get any professional care until the curfew over especially those patients with badly decayed teeth and needed extraction. so i made extraction for three patients and gave an operation appointment for one. as i finished , i phoned my brother to tell me that our destrict was closed. by that time it was definitly no way to go home.
i kept with my friends at the hospital.i was so sad because of the miserable security situation that we are living. as a relief one of my friends suggested to go to the river shore behind the hospital. it was a marvellous scene. i kept that night trying not to talk about any subject of blasts or war or even politics. next morning i saw some people walking along the empty roads of the city. i changed clothes and went home walking inspite of the curfew. it was about 2 miles away. i ve tried my best to avoid passing along the streets of the explosion site but as soon as i reached to the main street one of the iraqi soldiers prevented me to go along straight ahead and instead i had to take the way along affected
area. it was a DISASTER. even the word disaster doesnt describe the crime happened there. as if a nuclear bomb were thrown there.the trees were 100metre away. the bricks of the buildings were everywhere.the power cables were in pieces allover the place. i couldnt distinguish the houses from each other and from the shops. a cyclon is less less destructive. i stood astonished there. i havent seen like this only when the b52 aircraft bombed one of the buildings during war in baghdad. without any exaggeration 20 houses were severly ruined up and nearly 35 affected. who was that monster who did it? he is the evil himself.the people who live in this area are poor and lovely and they can't harm a creature. one is working and doing his best to build a house and to grow his children up in a life with dignity and in a second all this just vanished so easily.after all i have seen iwent back home and pain was tearing my its the second day and i cant smile even in the most gagging instances. i couldnt take some pictures to publish but i'll try to get some.


casey said...

I am so very sorry. I pray every day, for an end to this war...and the occupation.

Anonymous said...

Help is on the way. Stay safe.

Graham said...

Hi and thanks for your blog.

I'm a radio producer working in Baghdad right now - and I'm wondering if there is a phone number or email where I could contact you to talk about the situation there in Mosul. Please write me when you have a chance - and please stay safe.

Graham Smith

Cat said...

I've been reading Sunshine's blog, were I found her mother's blog, and on her mother's blog I found your blog. I've been praying for the situation to improve in Iraq and the surrounding area. Mosul is the last large stronghold, and hopefully when AQI is chased out they will quit completely in all Iraq. Pres. Bush's State of the Union Address last night addressed the issue; he asked for more and complete funding for the war. Keep posting,

dancewater said...

I hope you get a chance to talk to the NPR folks - the more information that gets out, the better. I am putting part of your post up on the Iraq Today blog - we are tying to follow all the events in Iraq and blog them daily. That includes what Iraqi people themselves are thinking and feeling.

Anonymous said...

Being confused at the age of 24 is very normal (all over the world). I'm 26 and I too feel that every decision I make decides my entire future. But it leads me to believe that we have very strong and responsible characters/personality. I can't even slightly compare myself to you since your living conditions are by far worse. Which brings me to a small question, what are your thoughts about the Sahwa's protecting Mosul? Do you think they will be able to bring back order? (I would love to know an Iraqi's perspective/thoughts) Thanks, S.P.S.

Treasure of Baghdad said...

This reminded me of the disaster that happened in Baghdad's Jadriyah neighborhood when I stood stunned in front of the collapsed apartment buildings. There were people sleeping there. They were buried alive under the rubble. Three entire apartment buildings collapsed because of the car bomb. These criminals are worse than the devil himself.

Thanks for this post. I will add you to my blogroll.


Anonymous said...

Hi ، i am so proud of u and all the iraqies who write and work to help their country to get pass the disaster we all live،keep working brother and god may bless u

Anonymous said...

you are kind of person that I can't be but proud of.
stay safe and tell the world the truth.
May Allah bless iraq and all innocents in the world.