Saturday, January 19, 2008

The First Post

I've tried several times to write but came up with fruitless results. I used to write in my diary but I realized later that sharing thoughts with others has a different taste and feeling of releasing the exhaust In this post I'll write about me.
I'm a dentist (fresh graduate). I lived my 23 years in baghdad and living the 24th in mosul. I moved to mosul temporarily since the beginning of violence and the deteriorated security situation.
I lived the best times in baghdad especially in baghdad college secondary school where I graduated from.
I have an obcession of electronics especially computers and communication staff, so I studied in an institute of electronics during summer holiday when I was 15. my big desire was to be an electronic engineer, but the temptation of being a dentist and keen on progress in electronics field (being creative in two fields at the same time) override.
And that is what im going to achieve, working now in a specialized dental centre as a rotator dentist and the rest of the day with computers especially in baghdad I began to make deals to fix used laptops but it’s a small business for the while time. As a rotator dentist im trying my best to get use of my seniors' experience and im planning to get the master degree this year.

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Treasure of Baghdad said...

I went to Baghdad College too!! But I am a few years older than you. I graduated from BC in 1998.

It was the best school ever.