Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eager to Finish

I began to study for the last two exams that'll be after Eid. I like to study and get more knowledge but some subjects are boring and fruitless making me losing this feeling that always pushes me to finish the lecture or a chapter of a book.
after the exam i'll have to do my research and attend the clinic at the college. Last week i assigned for the papers of taking responsibility for the dental clinic in my department. i'm thinking of a big change and design for it,just want to pass this exam for now,wish me luck please.

few days a go mom phoned at 3 a.m, she came from syria and the car was heading to the south passing near Abu Ghreib(the driver didnt know the names of the places well) and the checkpoint stopped the car to wait until 4a.m (which is the time for permitting cars to enter Baghdad) so we'll have to wait for her their. we went out at 3 a.m, the roads were empty and no one at the checkpoints. the road lights were ending before Ghazalyah (west of Baghdad). As we reached the place we didnt find them,my dad suggested to continue driving heading outside baghdad to the west.
for 60km we didnt see any car until we reach near Falluja where we found them waiting there. i thought " what if someone (a criminal or terrorist) was intending to escape from baghdad? who'd stop him?"
I like to drive at such time,fairly cold fresh air,no cars to slow your speed but its not so easy.



Anonymous said...

Best of luck with your exams.

Don Cox

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