Friday, December 16, 2011

The Comprehensive Exam

I did the last exam "hopefully" in M.Sc. last week.
few days before the exam i was busy with my patients in my private clinic and at the teaching hospital. i didnt have the time to study well. we had to pass an exam of 3 subjects in 4 hours without any specific lectures or books to read except seminars we had during the last year.
the department declared the main topics to study about but still huge.
the professors said that they wouldnt let anyone to pass it. we did study hard for few days and planned to wear suites.
we entered the college wearing suites,laughing and trying to discuss several subjects that we didnt understand.
the undergraduate students knew about the exam and were trying to know our feelings and reactions. my answer was 3 examination notebooks full of continuous writing for the 4 hours though felt my answer wasnt enough.
when we finished we took pictures, told jokes and went to a restaurant for lunch.


Naranj said...

Wish you the best of luck

Dental Girl said...

Good luck doc.
btw i liked the attitude of jokes making while the hard work and studying are still there :D

~~Silk said...

Come back, come back to Blogspot! We miss you.