Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hi,i admitted to the higher studies at the university of baghdad, department of laser technologies and plasma institute.the main obstacle was the experience, the condition states 2 years of actual experience and i have got 1 1/2 yrs,anyhow,i admitted a request to the minister for exception and still waiting for the parents and sister went to saudi arbia for alumra passing through jordan since the airport is exclusively for the governement and the passengers who obliged or dont care for insults.its not fair to call it an airport and equalize it with frankfurt or athena,its better to call it a prison or an american base.i couldnt phone my parents before departure because of the bad coverage of the mobile network only my father phoned me for few seconds outside baghdad.i was so sad and kept that night awaked till 3am,tried to hold up my tears but couldnt and cried for feW moments because of the bad situation we are living and the big frustration i felt at that moment but im so ****** and i will keep up.last friday as i was walking in the hospital some soldiers of the national guards were heading to exit. as they approached me, one of them hold his m16 pointing it on my head just few meters away from me,he was ready to shoot,shouted "stop and dont move". i was so coooool and kept on walking. i didnt know why i didnt stop or panic? they passed near me and i was looking at them with a cold look empty of feelings.the last one then said hello, and they laughed,they were kidding!!!!! what a stupid way.its a hospital,what if one the patients with a heart problem was walking instead of me????!!2 weeks ago an idiot soldier hold his gun and was about to shoot me because he thought me a terrorist as he saw me carrying my laptop bag and entering the shop but the shop owner stopped him and told him that im a dentist.
its a mess.wherever you maliki visited the vatikan and asked the iraqi people to go back to iraq,wherever he went, he asked iraqis to go back to their homes.why dont he make the situation of iraq better and provide the facilities of living at first.who would listen to him now if your national guards are afraid.frankly speaking the people are laughing at him and at the parliament, not only the people but also the americans who made him a toy with his government.
my parents and sister kept at the borders for two days,without a phone call.i got insane.we didnt know where they were,what happened,many thoughts filled my last they phoned my sister in baghdad and told her they passed the borders.
last week explosives were found in the minstry of higher education in baghadad,i cant imagine how they reached the middle of the minstry.its like a military base,concrete barriers all around with one way of entrance and exit passing through 2 personal searches.
in mosul, the sitauation still as it is, no progress just in one thing, they used to close roads by the concrete barriers or bricks only, now they are closing them by 1/2m hhieght of dust and trush!!!.
can you imagine a main hospital without electricity?? you may see that in iraq without imagination.the jamhory hospital in mosul is witnessing that. two days ago,the hospital was completely out of electric power excpet for "some rooms". i saw that. the emergency without power.the hospital was very dark and doctors were lighting the corridors with their mobiles!!!
the patients began to get out of their rooms because of the hot wheather. i wondered what happenned to patients with severe burns or in theatres"operation rooms" or in the I.C.U "Intensive care unit" and this night the police closed the road of the hospital leading to the emergency. tha patients had to walk for a 100 metre.if the case of the pateint allowed him to walk this distance he wouldnt bother him self and crossed all the checkpoints at night.but who listen or think of all those people.may god be with the innocents and guard this country.

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