Tuesday, August 26, 2008

referral & torture

Still as I am. No changes happened in my life but more boring routine life. Yesterday, my parents told me that there was a conflict and shooting near the house between almahdi army militia and couldn’t hear against whom. The mobile network coverage was so bad and I had to phone them on the land line rather than mobiles. as I talked to my father I cried and could hardly keep my voice tone till the end of the call, he said its very hard not to see you between us and we are in pain but we step on our feelings and tolerate just for your own good.
As for the hospital the campus have been moved to a new place, well its not new its another place.we have restricted movements here, we cant go out or walk along the corridor because the female campus at the end of the corridor. now I have to think and check many times before having a shower,its embarrassing since the bathrooms near the entrance.
I felt bored and couldn’t sleep well so I began to play sport games with my colleagues,I began to feel more enthusiastic. But what made me losing that enthusiasm was the referral system. The head manager came and told us to stop diagnosing any patient without a referral from the health centres. The decision was from the ministry. the patients must be treated at the medical centres near their houses and only the complicated cases will be referred to the specialized dental centre. Its not fair, many patients had to pass through many obstacles and checkpoints just to reach the dental centre and nearly all of them cant afford the cost of treatment in private clinics. Moreover, they came as an urgent cases needing immediate management and care.
The decision is right but the ministry ought to oblige the medical centres to treat those patients before following the referral system. Its not the way to help people, on the contrary.
One may say that in all the posts I published only the sadness and complains were the domains. That’s the truth, in my recent times I witnessed many bad things only good friends and the times I spent with them are excluded.



Your fan said...

please have faith, things will change and you'll go back to your family and friends in baghdad soon, i hope so ...
I'm praying for you ...

نوفل said...

Nice blog